Crash at Five Corners ties up traffic

Airbags deployed in this Chevy Tahoe involved in Tuesday afternoon's crash at Five Corners. - Lucas Thors

At approximately 4:20 pm Tuesday, Tisbury police and emergency medical personnel responded to a crash at Five Corners involving at least two vehicles.

One vehicle, a BMW SUV, sustained moderate damage to the front bumper. The driver was the sole occupant. The other vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe, was heavily damaged on the driver side, with both the front and side airbags deployed.

Two occupants from the Chevy were escorted to the ambulance. It is unclear whether they were injured in the crash. All sides of the busy intersection were closed for a short time as the vehicles were cleared from the roadway and plastic and glass debris was cleaned up. The BMW was still operational after the crash, while the Chevy had to be moved to Beach Street Extension to await a tow truck.

At least three cruisers were on the scene, along with one Tisbury EMS ambulance. Tisbury Police Sgt. Chris Habekost told The Times officials are still investigating the crash, as they received conflicting reports from both parties involved. “There may have been another vehicle that is unaccounted for, but we are still not sure,” Habekost said. He said police are going to review surveillance footage from cameras at the intersection in order to determine whether there were more than two cars involved.

Times employees reported that the backup on Beach Road extended to the Lagoon Pond Drawbridge.

Tisbury Police Lt. Eerik Meisner told the Times Wednesday that the BMW was entering Five Corners from Lagoon Pond Road as the Chevy was entering from Beach Road. The driver of the BMW, Steven Coddington, was cited by Tisbury police for failing to yield to an approaching motor vehicle, as well as failing to use due care. All those involved in the crash were evaluated by emergency medical personnel, but nobody was hospitalized.