What’s brewing?

Good beer funds good tunes.

Offshore Ale's Blue Lobster is an annually released strong Belgian golden ale. Offshore donates 88.7 cents of every one sold to WMVY 88.7, an Island nonprofit radio station. — Gabrielle Mannino

Fall is here, and with it come a few new brews for you and your crew.

One of those brews comes from Offshore Ale, which prides itself on being the Island’s first and only brew pub, offering hearty meals and specialty craft beers, and giving back to the community in many ways. Offshore has taken the idea of sharing a beer together and brought it to the next level with its Blue Lobster Belgian Strong Ale.

For the past three years, Offshore has been offering up the Blue Lobster Ale to summer and fall customers to help benefit 88.7 WMVY, the Island’s popular music radio station.

Offshore owner Phil McAndrews told The Local the beer was designed all around WMVY’s radio channel, 88.7. Offshore donates 88.7 cents of each Blue Lobster Ale purchase to the radio station. Last year, Offshore presented WMVY with a check for $2,000. The beer also has a 8.87 percent alcohol content.

“We’ve been partners with WMVY for a while. We’ve tried to be involved in fundraising. This is another chapter in our relationship,” McAndrews said. “I’m a fan of Belgian beers and I enjoy the flavor. It’s got a nice sweet flavor,” he said.

P.J. Finn, executive director and program director at WMVY, told The Local that Offshore approached him a few years ago with the idea, and the two ran with it. They decided on the name “Blue Lobster” to match WMVY’s 15 year old signature logo. “The blue lobster is the logo we’ve had for over a decade. Blue lobsters are pretty rare — one in 2 million — and we adopted that logo because we are a rare radio station, so Offshore came up with the name,” Finn said.

The Belgian ale is a deep golden brown color with a malty flavor which is deceptive in its alcoholic punch at 8.87 percent ABV. The Blue Lobster Ale is not bitter. It has a fruity flavor.

Interested drinkers and charitable donors should head to Offshore while the brew lasts, because once it’s gone, it’s gone. Offshore won’t brew it again until next year. McAndrews said the beer tends to run out around Halloween each year, so the time to taste it is now.

“This is just another great example of what a kind, thoughtful, and habitable Island this is. Island businesses, Offshore included, look around at their community and really give back. Offshore often contributes to auctions and they are kind and generous, and it speaks well of them,” Finn said.

Blue Lobster Ale is now available at Offshore Ale. Their hours are Sunday through Thursday 11:30 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 11:30 am to 10 pm. For more information, visit their website at offshoreale.com.