Karen Medeiros named new town clerk

Assistant town clerk of 20 years takes over position in Edgartown.

Karen Medeiros, left, is interviewed by the Edgartown board of selectmen. Medeiros was picked as the new town clerk. - Lucas Thors

Karen Medeiros has been chosen as the new town clerk after Wanda Williams, Edgartown town clerk for more than 30 years, retired in late November.

Medeiros has served as assistant town clerk for 20 years, and has worked for the town of Edgartown for 30 years.

She describes her personality as easygoing, friendly, and cooperative. “I treat people the way they want to be treated,” she said during her interview.

When asked what motivates her at work, she said, “Making people happy.”

“I enjoy working for the town, but I am looking forward to a change,” Medeiros said. “I think I would bring a lot of continuity and experience to the job.”

Medeiros said she has a strong understanding of Massachusetts laws, and is used to working in collaboration with other clerks and town employees.

In the way of time management, Medeiros said she is good at prioritizing and taking care of the most immediate tasks right away.

Another candidate, Leslie R. Teso-Lichtman, called in by phone as she was traveling in Europe. Teso-Lichtman said she is a financial consultant with 35 years in accounting, finance, and operation roles. She described herself as detail-oriented, well organized, and analytical.

Teso-Lichtman said during the interview that she sees “the next chapter” of her life on Martha’s Vineyard. “I’ve been going to the Island since 2006, and I want to give something back to the community.”

The third candidate, John Odum, has been the city clerk in Montpelier, Vt., for six years. He said he is used to working under hard and fast deadlines, and will bring an air of positivity to the job. “I hope that everyone who comes into my office leaves smiling,” he said. “Everyone enjoys a comfortable work environment in my office.”

Odum said he owns a house on Chappy, and worked at Morning Glory Farm, where he met his wife.

All three candidates had strong skill sets, but the selectmen ultimately chose Medeiros for her extensive experience and her strong relationships with members of the Island community.