Edgartown: Practice kindness


Happy New Year. I hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year’s celebration. Our holidays were lovely. It was great to have time off to spend with each other. I really get my greatest joy from time with my kids. I always have. I’ve enjoyed every phase of their lives, but this transitioning to adulthood is quite magical in its own way. I’m blessed with good kids with whom I have great relationships, which I’m sure helps to make these years more manageable. But seeing them turn into responsible, caring adults is truly gratifying. I’m grateful.

The Federated Church will offer a free Lasagna Luncheon every Sunday beginning Jan. 6 through March 31, from 12:30 pm until 2 pm. In the event of snow, if the roads are closed, so are they. The meal consists of a salad, a serving of lasagna, garlic bread, beverage, and something for dessert. Get out of the house and have a hot meal, and maybe make some new friends. These lunches are free and all are welcome. For more information call 508-627-4421, or email officefederatedchurchmv@gmail.com.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Deanna Laird and Tom Sawyer on Jan. 5, Lindsay Medeiros on Jan. 6, Alissa Mattison on Jan. 8, and Becky Beeson on Jan. 11.

Are you interested in becoming a foster parent? There will be a recruitment gathering at 3 Poplar Lane in Oak Bluffs on Saturday, Jan. 12, from 12 to 3 pm. Hear from current foster parents and social workers who will share their experiences with the foster system. Snacks will be provided and an RSVP to 508-760-0275 would be appreciated for planning purposes.

Today was a big day in the Gardner/Craig households. And to share the news, I have to back pedal a bit to 2017. You see, my son Riley always had a dream of enlisting in the military. But during his senior year, he started to waiver a bit and we persuaded him to try college and the NROTC program for at least a year and hopefully join the military as an officer, after completing that program. So off he went to the University of New Mexico in August. And he definitely put in an awesome effort there, finishing first semester with a great GPA. But more noticeable than the grades was the change in him, clearly visible when he returned at Thanksgiving. Gone was the uncertainty and nervous teen energy. In their place were strength and security in who he is and what he wants. He was clear speaking, had a written list of positives and negatives of his choices, and a clear plan. As I write this, he has just spent two days at MEPS in Boston, qualifying to enlist in the military and he has just left my house as a U.S. Marine Corps recruit. He leaves for boot camp at Parris Island on March 4. I could not be more proud. And scared. But mostly proud.

Have a great week. Practice random acts of kindness as we roll into 2019. Let’s make it a great year.