Bad Martha donates $7,500 to Island Food Pantry


The Bad Martha Brewing Co. recently donated $7,500 to the Island Food Pantry to help with its mission to feed the homeless, according to a press release from Bad Martha general manager Josh Flanders.

CEO and co-founder of Bad Martha Jonathan Blum said in the release that the company has supported the Island Food Pantry for a number of years because “they help hundreds of families and children on the Island in need of food throughout the year.”

Flanders told The Times he is proud to support the local community by purchasing fresh ingredients from local farms, as well as giving farmers their spent grains for livestock feed.

“It’s great to work for a company that contributes to the community I was born and raised in,” said Flanders in the release. “I’m lucky to be in a position not to worry where my next meal is coming from. At Bad Martha, we won’t forget about our fellow Islanders who don’t have that luxury.”

Executive director of the Island Food Pantry Margaret Hannemann told The Times, “Bad Martha has been very gracious to us.”

She said the donation of $7,500 was a 50 percent increase from the $5,000 donation given to the pantry the past four years. “This is a tremendous donation: It is the largest donation I have ever seen to the Island Food Pantry,” she said.

Hannemann said the donation comes at a time when it is greatly needed, as the pantry recently started distributing frozen goods like meats and vegetables, which cost money to keep cold.

“It comes at a price to us, and donations like this help us to continue supporting the community,” she said. “Bad Martha has been very kind to the pantry, and they really care about the local community.”