Travel hoops roundup


The girls’ travel basketball teams had an amazing turnout this year, allowing for the formation of two teams for the seventh and eighth grade Cape Hoops League. MV1 has all eighth graders, and MV2 is made up of sixth and seventh graders. The MV2s have won three games in their first year by competing hard and playing well as a team. “It’s going to be exciting to see how much success they have in the league the next couple of years, when they will be among the ranks of the older girls in their division,” Coach Kevin Oliver wrote in an email to The Times. As for the MV1s, coached by Sheila Morse, this group of talented athletes were young and inexperienced last year. They have worked hard as a team improving their skills. At the end of last season, MV1 were in last place, but this time around, with one game left in regular -season play, they are in fourth place in the league. These are the girls to watch as they head to MVRHS next year.

The boys’ seventh and eighth grade teams both jumped into the A division based on last year’s performance, with the seventh graders winning their division. Currently, the seventh grade boys are in third place with a weekend win over Sandwich and weather cancellations for their second game. They have a record of 7-4, sitting in third place in the Mayflower league. The eighth grade boys had two weather cancellations, but are playing their best basketball heading into the final week at 3-6. The fifth grade boys are 2-10, with great wins over Sandwich and Bourne heading toward the playoffs.