Edgartown: Green screens


Happy February vacation to all those affiliated with the school system. Our vacation falls a week later than everyone else in the state. It has made traveling easier, but it’s been harder keeping up with my homework for an online class I’m taking. All the other teachers in the class were on break last week. I’ve been pretty far behind in the whole class anyway. But I’ve learned a lot about making movies using green screens, and the kids have been venturing into green screen projects themselves in school. Basically, with a green screen, you take a picture or video of yourself in front of a green backdrop and then you can put all sorts of different backgrounds and props in them. It’s kind of fun. And the kids have put themselves in some very interesting places, with some entertaining characters.

I hope everyone is having a great break. From the looks of Facebook, very few people are left on M.V. this week. By the time this goes to print, everyone will be thinking about winding down vacation. I do hope you’ll share some of your fun escapades with me to put in next week’s column.

On Sunday, March 3, at the Federated Church, in honor of National Women’s History Month, there will be a special Sunday service at 10:30 am. The program is titled “A New Look at Biblical Women.” The lives of the women of the Bible are often hidden. Sometimes these women are unnamed. At other times, they are given subservient roles. Many times, they rise up as brave or compassionate, daunting or enduring, patient or restless. They have dared to do what men did not or would not. They have led armies, outlasted suffering, and have reached out to grasp what others thought was not theirs to have.

On Tuesday, March 5, at 5:30 pm, celebrate Mardi Gras at the Federated Church Parish House, 45 South Summer St., Edgartown. All are invited to a family time and free supper of gumbo, dirty rice, pralines, and King Cake.

On Ash Wednesday, March 6th, the Federated Church Meetinghouse in Edgartown will have a 12 pm service, and ashes will be given to those who would like them. Ash Wednesday begins Lenten season, and culminates on Easter Sunday, April 21. Regardless of your faith background, you are welcome to join them. For more information on any of these events, please call 508-627-4421, or email them at officefederatedchurchmv@gmail.com.

Congratulations to Edgartown’s newest police sergeant. Jamie Craig was officially promoted on Monday this week, with his son, Riley, bestowing the badge on him while Jamie’s mother, Shirley Craig, and others looked on. Jamie has spent a great deal of time studying and preparing for the testing and interviews that were held a few weeks ago. And, of course, he has been on the department for quite some time. It’s great to see him get recognized for his efforts. The town could not ask for a more upstanding, honorable, and fair sergeant.

I reckon that’s it for this week. The doldrums of February have settled in. But March rears her head on Friday. Here’s to seeing some flowers blooming and hearing some birds singing soon. Have a great week.