‘Ordinary Lives of Extraordinary People,’ featuring Alan Brigish

Alan Brigish participates in the next "Ordinary Lives of Extraordinary People." — Courtesy Alan Brigish

On June 3 at 7 pm, the West Tisbury library will host the next “Ordinary Lives of Extraordinary People,” featuring an interview with Alan Brigish by Susan Klein.

According to a press release, Brigish grew up in South Africa, and learned early to pay attention to those small coincidences in life and to seek meaning from them. These are what Carl Jung called synchronicities — decision points that are more than simple happenstance. These moments have influenced almost every important event in Brigish’s life.

Klein will guide Brigish in exploring some of the dozen major crossroads and resulting decisions that have influenced his life and travels throughout more than 50 countries around the world.

Brigish trained as an electronics engineer, left South Africa after college, and entered the world of online computing in its earliest days in England, and subsequently in the U.S. He was a serial entrepreneur, being involved in every business aspect of 20 companies in the emerging online world before retiring at age 55 to become a traveling street photographer.