Mystery solved


To the Editor:

An “ah-ha!” moment from 72 years ago hit me when I read of the arrival of the West Chop lighthouse keepers from Cuttyhunk in 1947.

Summering at our house on Paul’s Point, my older sister and I had set off to walk across Lambert’s Cove to see our grandmother at one of the old Look camps near Makonikey. 

The cove was virtually deserted — this being pre-public beach, and we were, of course, on the lookout for beach treasures. So imagine our awe when a large, grey, weird-looking barge-thing came in from the Sound to land virtually at our feet, drop its bow, and have someone ask us if this was the way to Vineyard Haven. 

Dumbfounded, we nodded mutely and pointed in that general direction.

We never heard anything else about our encounter … until now. It was, indeed, the new keepers of the West Chop Light arriving from Cuttyhunk. 

Mystery solved. What fun. 

Mary Jane Austin Pease