Prepare to be boarded

With the start of Operation Dry Water, drunk boaters could be boarded by a crew from a motor lifeboat like this one from Station Menemsha. — Rich Saltzberg

Starting July 4, the U.S. Coast Guard will partner with local law enforcement agencies for Operation Dry Water, a campaign to prevent drunk boating. The Coast Guard can board any vessel at any time and is likely to conduct boardings to facilitate the operation. Pot may be approved in the commonwealth, but according to a Coast Guard release, the federal government still considers it a controlled substance. Boaters found in possession of marijuana may face enforcement action, a release states. 

Station Mememsha Officer in Charge Senior Chief Justin Longval told The Times Station Menemsha will be patrolling as part of Operation Dry Water. If a boater is found to be intoxicated, the boater and the vessel will be safely transported to port, where he or she may be handed over to local law enforcement. 

“Alcohol use is the leading known factor in fatal boating accidents,” according to a release