June 27, John L. Diamond, Paul T. Diamond, Virginia R. Diamond, Personal Representatives of the estate of Rhoda Lesser Diamond, a.k.a. Rhoda L. Diamond, sold 6 Kings Hwy. to Virginia R. Diamond and Richard A. Bensinger for $593,334.



June 24, Harold T. Zaden and Patricia A. Rega-Zadeh sold 20 Jason Dr. to Christopher M. Scott and Meghan E. Scott for $820,000.


June 26, Marotiki LLC, Kathleen McNamara, trustee of Kathleen McNamara Revocable Trust, and Craig McNamara and Julie McNamara, trustees of the McNamara Family Trust, sold 50 Oyster-Watcha Rd. to James F. Reynolds, trustee of 50 Oyster-Watcha Road Nominee Trust, for $11,250,000.


June 27, Deborah D. Rogers, trustee of DDDR Realty Trust, sold 16 Martha’s Rd. to Mark A. Sawers and Erica M. Sawers for $725,000.


June 27, Robert J. O’Neill sold 44 Fourth St. North to Warren L. Gowell for $5,000.


June 27, Henry Reusch and Monica Reusch, a.k.a. Monica Shelton Reusch, sold 321 Chappaquiddick Rd. to Peter Callaghan and Tenley Callaghan for $1,100,000.


June 28, Convery & Associates LTD sold 256 Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Rd. to Dyroff Family Investments LLC for $1,625,000.


Oak Bluffs

June 25, Warren Keller-Brittle sold a lot on Bay View Ave. to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of 0 Bayview Ave. Nominee Trust, for $295,000.


June 27, Ronald B. Gager and Ellen F. Gager sold 12 Martha’s Park Rd. to Harthaven Partners LLC for $910,000.


June 28, Joao M. Sena sold 24 Fitchburg Ave. to Gloria A. Thompson for $690,000.


June 28, Denise Orenstein sold 283 East Chop Dr. to Six Seventeen Capital LLC for $1,500,000.



June 26, Jakob S. Levett and Emily G. Levett, n.k.a. Emily H. Graham, sold 262 State Rd. to Emily Freeman-Miller and Marinko Vukota for $623,000.


June 26, Charles C. Cournoyer and Mary Ann M. Cournoyer sold 106 Colonial Dr. to Yuliya Bilzerian for $759,900.


June 27, Jonathan M. Holter, trustee of 123 Greenwood Avenue Realty Trust, sold Lot 2C, Mirkwood Lane, to Danilo Avalon and Earlene Avalon for $325,000.