‘More boats than wind’


That was Roger Becker’s apt description of both of last week’s Holmes Hole races. What breezes there were shifted here and there on both days, raising and dashing hopes in turn.

Thursday’s 5 mph (more or less) southeast breeze managed to push everyone around the harbor in around an hour of lovely evening light. In the B Division, Alerion 28s finished first and third, bracketing Gloria, Roger’s C&C 24. Mo Flam’s Penelope took the first spot, and Tamu, sailed by Tom Wescott, came in third of six. Among the four A Division boats, only two finished, both J100s: Tom and Laurie Welch in first aboard Escape, followed by Tango, skippered by Phil Hale.

The 15 starters on Sunday again coped with a 5 mph breeze that moved around the compass from WSW to WNW during the afternoon. At times it picked up a bit, only to abandon the race altogether, leaving deflated sailors flapping around in the merciless sun. Tango and Escape swapped positions in the A Division, Tango winning by seven minutes. Truckin’, a J70 sailed by Zander Melendez, came in just two minutes behind Escape in third place. 

The first three finishers in the B Division on Sunday were three Alerion 28s, all within three minutes of one another. Penelope won the day once again. At Last, with Jim Dixon at the helm, was second, and Tom Wescott’s Tamu took the third spot.

Holmes Hole races are held on Thursdays and Sundays. All are welcome. Please consult holmeshole.org for details.