West Tisbury: It feels like a blur

The busiest week of the summer is past. Illumination Night, the fair, fireworks, plus the regular busyness of lectures, music, art exhibitions, work, guests, gardens, life, traffic, everything happening at once. It feels like a blur. Things always seem to begin to slow down after Fair Week.

The fair was wonderful this year. I always love the animals and all the Hall exhibits. It felt a bit unsettling to realize that I was looking at entries by children of people I remember being children themselves not so long ago. Longer than I realized, I guess. How does time go by so quickly?

I hope everyone looked up when they were walking through the Hall. The quilts that were arrayed across the beams overhead were breathtaking. Every single one. And every exhibit was interesting. There was a tractor, a dragon, and a lobster made out of vegetables. The most elegant bonsai trees, herb and flower arrangements, children’s and adult art, sculpture and furniture, knitting, needlepoint, felted animals, dioramas and tiny environments made out of mosses and bits of plants that looked like perfect landscapes. One even had a little yellow Labrador retriever standing in it. That won my heart, as the Lab looked like my beloved and much-missed Tallulah. Someone painted a dresser with trees and figures and bridges like on a Blue Willow dinner plate. 

I wish I remembered everyone’s name attached to everything I saw and admired. Not much of a reporter; I should remember to bring a notepad and pencil next year instead of leaving my purse at home so I didn’t have to carry anything. I just don’t remember everything the way I used to.

Iyla Bohan won first prize for the tallest sunflower, which stood by the door as we entered. Sunday was Iyla’s third birthday. Her Connecticut grandparents, JIm and Mary Bohan, had come up for the weekend to go to the fair and for Iyla’s birthday party. We certainly had beautiful weather for all of it. Stephanie daRosa and James Bohan had a yard full of relatives, friends, and children over for brunch, games, cat crafts, and cat balloons, and birthday cake that looked like, yes, a cat. Lots of photographs were taken of every moment. I can’t wait to see them. The next event was Phil daRosa’s fourth MV Mini Music Festival at Candy and Dennis’s that evening.

Mike and I took Nanuk for a lovely walk after the party. We ran into Joan and George Thomas walking down the path to the beach with their dog, Maggie May. Although the Thomases are our next-door neighbors, we are all busy with our lives and don’t see that much of each other, so this was an occasion. Maggie May and Nanuk had a ball running around and playing together. There was another dog, a 14-month-old black Lab named Mabel, who joined in too. Her “parents” threw tennis balls for all three dogs, and we humans had pleasantly rambling conversations while the dogs played and swam.

Don’t miss the view of Parsonage Pond as you drive through town. It is edged by a wide swath of white mallows that looks like an Elizabethan lady’s ruffled collar. The shapes and colors of that particular bit of landscape always attracts my eye.

At the West Tisbury library this week:

Thursday, August 22, 4:30 pm, an Outdoor Rock Concert for Kids with the Pinkletinks! Bring a blanket or lawn chair. The concert will move inside if it rains.

Friday, August 23, 10 am to noon, Mac pro Paul Levy will be available to help with your Mac computer problems and to answer questions. At 1:30 pm, the Yard will present Movement Speaks, a class for adults led by Naomi Goldberg Haas. No signup is necessary.

Monday, August 26, 11:30 am, Kanta Lipsky will lead a Balance Class. Movies for families and tweens/teens will begin at 6:30. Free popcorn. At 7 pm, the West Tiz Book Club will meet. Tracey Braun will lead the discussion of “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng. Drop-ins are welcome.

Tuesday, August 27, 4:30 pm, Peter Halperin will perform original songs on guitar and piano, followed by Beethoven’s Sonata No. 15 in D Major, “Pastorale.”

Wednesday, August 28, 4:30 pm, a concert by David Behnke and David Rhoderick.

Last Tuesday, if you remember, we had a rainstorm. I sat out on my porch with my cat, Mona, feeling the mist on my face, and listening to the raindrops pounding on the porch roof. Such a nice indulgence, taking the time to just watch and listen to the rain.