Sept. 16, Michael Kogen, Bonni Kogen Brodnick, and Pamela Kogen, trustees of the Betty Kogen Irrevocable Trust, sold 14 Swans Way to Robert F. Peterson and Judith Lana Peterson for $860,000.


Sept. 17, Christopher Abbott and Diane Abbott sold 3 Little Oak Lane to Lisa Bendixen and Jonathan Leehey for $862,500.



Sept. 16, Myron L. Belfer, trustee of Myron L. Belfer Trust, sold 27 Flamingo Drive to Sherrie Stephens Cutler, trustee of the Sherrie Stephens Cutler Trust, for $697,500.


Sept. 16, Larry Green and Dorothy Libron-Green sold 66 Saddle Club Rd. to Brian Shawn Middlebrook and Roxanne Middlebrook for $715,000.


Sept. 16, Thomas S. Auray and Dea P. Auray sold 15 Mill St., Unit 23, to Michael S. Copeck and Teresa C. Copeck for $163,000.


Sept. 18 Christopher B. Reed and Lucinda Reed Wittenberg, trustees of the Reed Family Trust, sold 134 Plantingfield Way to Jonathan D. Blum and Jennifer L. Blum for $3,625,000.


Sept. 20, George M. Miskiv and Sharon A. Miskiv sold 12 Pine Tree Lane, Unit 3B, to Leg House LLC for $420,000.


Sept. 20, Robert Ranaldi, trustee of 110 5th Street Nominee Trust, sold 110 Fifth St. North to Ramon Conrad Solis and Cari Lynn Solis for $1,799,000.


Sept. 20, Edith Kilchenstein sold 1 Marchants Path to Heidi Hillman and Jeffrey Hillman for $1,500,000.


Sept. 20, Judith M. Feingold and Roger S. Feingold, trustees of the Feingold Family Revocable Trust, sold 6 Majors Cove Lane to 6 Majors Cove LLC for $382,500.


Oak Bluffs

Sept. 16, Preserve at the Woodlands LLC sold 18 Paddock Rd. to Copper Properties Partners for $525,000.


Sept. 16, Yvette D. Bright sold 52 Pennacook Ave. to Janet Haspel and Kenneth Haspel for $925,000.


Sept. 16, Ronald Monahan Jr. and Rebecca Winthrop Monahan sold 71 Pennacook Ave. to Alan J. Schweikert, trustee of South End Realty Trust, for $931,000.


Sept. 20, Anna M. Cole sold 40 Pond View Drive to Nikolaas J. Scott and Pauline A. Scott for $800,000.


Sept. 20, Dave G. Schwoch sold 11 Beacon Ave. to Wesley F. Doyle and Anne F. Sullivan for $460,000.




Sept. 16, Nancy N. Vanderveen, trustee of the Neeld Family Realty Trust, sold 91 Winyah Lane to William Brown and Galen Brew for $825,000.


Sept. 16, John A. George, trustee of Leonard House Realty Trust, and John A. George and Cheryl B. George individually sold 76 Old Lighthouse Rd. to Ezra J. Agnew and Kelley Debettencourt for $575,000.


Sept. 16, Francis E. Morgan sold 288 Greenwood Ave. to Carolyn Huerth for $653,000.


Sept. 18, Philip C. Barron, trustee of the Philip Barron Realty Trust, sold 161 Sandpiper Lane, Unit 12, to Nancy E. Dario Greco for $627,500.


Sept. 18, Idalyn L. Macchia-Gilstad, Charles R. Gilstad, Donna L. Creighton, and Charles R. Creighton sold Lot 146, Red Buoy Lane, to Fillipi Gomes and Poliana Buzette for $757,500.


Sept. 18, Irene Meske Slaughter sold 13 Norris Court to Barbara L. Ronchetti for $1,289,000.


Sept. 19, Richard R. Mello Jr. and Sharon A. Mello sold 15 Heath Hen Lane to Judith A. Villa and Howard M. Miller, trustees of the Heath Hen Realty Trust, for $750,000.


Sept. 20, Nikolaas J. Scott and Pauline A. Scott sold 123 Spring Hill Rd. to Caitlin E. Stafeley-O’Carroll and Jonathan Lizcano for $575,000.


Sept. 20, Tristan O. Atwood sold 177 Edgartown Rd. to William A. Aniskovich and Jennifer S. Aniskovich for $575,000.



West Tisbury

Sept. 20, Beach Road Properties LLC sold 19 Lamberts Cove Rd. to Wayne B. George and Kim K. George for $825,000.