Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 2019



Oct. 4, Thaddeus L. Hyland sold 1 Rose Meadow Way to Michael Z. Landsman and Hilary Jewett for $1,075,000.


Oct. 1, Howard L. Rudner and Anne M. Rudner sold 18 Henry Hough Lane to Amanda Marks for $2,150,000.

 Oct. 3, Spindle City Realty LLC sold 26 Kenasaoome Way to Stephen W. Quirk and Soraya M. Zahedi for $749,900.

 Oct. 4, Andrew A. Goldman, trustee of Stonewall Jaffe Irrevocable Trust–Number One, Stonewall Jaffe Irrevocable Trust–Number Two, and Stonewall Jaffe Irrevocable Trust–Number Three, sold 95 Stonewall Rd. to Robert Tappan Morris for $10,250,000.

 Oct. 4, Weston Howland III and Susanah B. Howland sold 16 Shotneigher Ln. to Howard Rudner and Anne Rudner for $3,150,000.

 Oct. 4, Colin Patrick Murphy sold 12 Fairway Dr. to Charles Q. Maney and Celine F. Maney for $799,000.


Sept. 30, Audrey J. Harding sold 73 Windsor Dr. to Carole J. Smith and Thomas Warren for $785,000.

 Sept. 30, Otter Cove LLC sold 7 Jordan Way to Stephen Hauck and Marianne Hauck for $2,500,000.

 Oct. 4, William Amory Parker and Susanne Boulton Beck sold 71 School St. to Michael E. Lackey Jr. and Cynthia L. Lackey for $2,725,000.

Oct. 4, Owen Norton LLC sold 14 Baylies Way to Colin Murphy and Sarah Murphy for $402,000.

Oak Bluffs

Sept. 30, Katherine M. May-Waite and Sean P. Waite sold 61 Bayes Hill Rd. to Paul H. Lustbader and Halley M. Mechanic for $1,160,000.

Oct. 1, Erica L. Davis-Knight, personal representative of the estate of Velma H. Davis, sold 3 Hudson Ave. to Sharon H. Fisher for $479,200.

Oct. 3, James K. Sims and Catherine M. Sims sold 304 Farm Neck Way to James M. Kittler, trustee of 304 Farm Neck Way Nominee Trust, for $5,995,000.

Oct. 4, William P. Woodbridge, trustee of the Mary Louise Deveer Revocable Trust, and Robert K. Deveer Jr., trustee of the Robert K. Deveer Jr. Revocable Trust, sold 104 Winemack St. and 101 Park St. to John Battelle and Michelle Battelle for $1,732,500.


Oct. 1, Martha C. Clarke and Anne C. Margetson, trustees of the John M. Clarke 1993 Trust, an undivided 50 percent interest, and Martha C. Clarke and Anne Clarke Margetson and Mark H. Clarke, trustees of the Mary G. Clarke 1993 Trust, sold 306 Main St. to Leslie A.A. Garrett and Daniel F.M. Kelly for $670,000.

 Oct. 1, Johanna H. Kobran and Michael F. Kobran sold Unit 11, 188 Sandpiper Ln. to Cheryl Steinberg for $740,000.

 Oct. 1, Frederic Epstein and Karen Osterberg Epstein sold 16 Mariner Rd. to Bojan Balaban for $860,000.

 West Tisbury

Oct. 1, Joseph Corbo and Susan Sandford sold 489 State Rd. to Friends of MVRadio Inc. for $1,775,000.

Oct. 3, Peter J. Zimmerman and Janet Zimmerman sold 220 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Derek Avakian and Brooke Avakian for $372,500.

 Oct. 4, Eleanor M. Herbert sold 19 Trotters Lane to Peter B. Prestley and Linda P. Prestley for $350,000.