Beautiful, and affordable, artwork in annual ‘Small Wonders’ show


Every year Louisa Gould gifts her loyal followers with a show featuring more affordable works by some of her most popular artists. The “Small Wonders” show offers visitors the chance to pick up a painting for as little as $30, or a smaller work by a renowned artist for under $300.
“It’s a way for people to have access to artists at a different price point,” says Gould, “as well as an opportunity for my existing stable of artists to show smaller, more affordable versions of works in their general style.”
This year, the work of 15 artists is included in the show. Along with paintings, Gould is also featuring jewelry, glasswork, and ceramics.
If you’d like to pick up a little gift that’s truly unique, John Holladay has created a series of 6- by 6-inch whimsical acrylic paintings that are on offer for a mere $30. Themes include scenes of Noah’s Ark, a whale, and a group of people on the deck of the ferry, done in a charming primitive style.
Mixed-media artist Bricque Garber, who is new to the gallery, has created a wonderful series of images of little birds on branches. Straying a bit from her usual style, Garber combines abstract with realism to very interesting effect. These are priced at around $150. There are also works by the artist in her signature, remarkably detailed mixed-media style available in a scaled-down version.
Popular landscape painter Christie Scheele has simplified her style, without compromising on effect, to create a number of tiny oil-on-canvas paintings which can be purchased for under $200. Vineyard scenes by traditionalist Donna Blackburn run from under $100 to under $200.
Fans of abstract art can pick up a colorful mixed-media piece by Deborah Colter for a mere $200. Colter has created an extensive series of 8- by 8-inch pieces specifically for the “Small Wonders” show.
Always popular are Sally Martone’s little gold leaf paintings of chickadees in the snow. The perfect Christmas gift, these small square paintings start at $250. The show offers a great opportunity to purchase one of Peggy Turner Jablotny’s unique limited-edition botanical collage fine art prints for less than half of what they generally go for.
For a great unusual gift, check out Adair Peck’s self-standing papier-mache fish. Colorful, whimsical depictions of a variety of species — bass, trout, porgies, and more — are mounted on boards to be hung on the wall or displayed on a shelf.
Also included in the show are Russel Carlson’s lovely little glass pumpkins, hand-blown on the Island. Affordable ceramic choices include a selection of Japanese-inspired vases by Anne Mallory, and Curtis Hoard’s asymmetrical, highly original hand-formed mugs and bowls, selling for $35 and $75 respectively.
Jewelers represented in the show include Sissy Yates, who offers an extensive line of artistic gemstone pieces, and a sampling of work by Emma Kiley, former owner of Citrine.
“This show features affordable gift-giving options, and also the opportunity for people interested in starting collections,” says Gould.

There’s a lot more to see at the large Main Street, Vineyard Haven, gallery, including work in all sizes and at all price points. Drop in anytime Thursday through Monday; 11 am to 2 pm weekdays, and 11 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays through the end of the year. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, Nov. 16, from 12 to 3 pm. Many of the artists will be on hand, and refreshments will be served.