Price tag for courthouse radiator work doubles

County administrator Martina Thornton, shown here during a 2019 Dukes County commission meeting, is asking anyone with ideas about shelter space to reach out.

The Dukes County Commission voted 5-0 Wednesday evening to pull $10,000 from the capital improvement fund for radiator work at the Dukes County Courthouse. The commission already authorized $10,000 for replacing a number of valves on courthouse radiators. Upon further inspection, technicians from Fullin & Bettencourt Plumbing & Heating determined not only do valves require replacement, but several radiators have no valves at all and require them.

Dukes County manager Martina Thornton told the commissioners this would amount to another $10,000. This makes $20,000 in total authorized for valve work. 

Fullin & Bettencourt has done a good job repiping the courthouse boiler, Thornton said. She later told The Times the company has also installed more efficient circulating pumps, and she is pleased with their work. “They have been great with the work so far,” she said. 

The courthouse has been plagued with heat problems. Last November, lack of heat shuttered the district and superior court. Clerk magistrate Liza Williamson told The Times things have improved.

“I am confident the county commission will give the appropriate funding in order to ensure that this building is properly and adequately heated throughout the winter,” she said.