Don’t ditch your dinghy


Don’t forget about your boats at up-Island beaches, or you may have to pay to get them back. As of Dec. 1, all boats remaining at Red Sand Beach, West Basin, and Herring Creek will be considered abandoned, and will be removed at the owner’s expense. Boats that are removed from the beach will be stored, and can be reclaimed by Jan. 1, at a cost of $200 per reclamation. After that date, any unclaimed property may be disposed of by the town. 

Aquinnah town administrator Jeff Madison said some people are leaving their boats on town beaches and ignoring them. A number of complaints have been filed with the town regarding what appear to be abandoned boats along the shorelines at many up-Island beaches.

“People just don’t like the looks of them there. They get ignored or forgotten about,” Madison said.

Madison said the issue of where to store any abandoned boats will be discussed by selectmen at their next meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

“My recommendation is that they [the boats] go behind the town hall, where there is some equipment stored, or they go over to the landfill, where the harbormaster stores the town boat,” Madison said. “I just hope people will come and claim their boats so they don’t have to pay to get them back, and we don’t have to move them.”