Feeling blessed

To the Editor:

2019 brought many blessings into my life. Most importantly was the arrival of my 21-year-old nephew. Needing support, guidance and many services, I turned to our Island resources for help. I would not have been able to advocate and care for my nephew, and myself, without the amazing groups and individuals here on Island.

I want to offer sincere gratitude to Susan Mercier of the Island Wide Youth Collaborative and Family Support Center, Beth Wike of Disability Services and the Island Disabilities Coalition, Dick Cohen of the Island Disabilities Coalition, and our island NAMI group (National Association for Mental Illness) and their facilitators: Cecelia, MaryAnne, Katherine, Ilke and Lis,  Alicia, and the staff and members of Daybreak, and the Houses of Grace staff and guests. 

These folks are Island treasures, and at times, a lifeline. While we were not able to find housing yet, I have been moved by many Island residents who message me to check in and who mention my name to potential landlords. I am so blessed to be a part of this community. 

With deep affection,

Ilona Metell
West Tisbury