Broken window on MV Nantucket a mystery

The damaged window inside the MV Nantucket is boarded up and blocked off with yellow caution tape. - George Brennan

Updated 2:45 pm

A broken window was discovered aboard the MV Nantucket on the evening of Jan. 10. The Steamship Authority does not know what caused the damage. SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll said the window was found cracked at about 9 pm Friday night. 

“We believe the impact that caused it came from inside the vessel,” Driscoll wrote in a text message. “The glass is tempered like your windshield, so it was pretty well cracked, but stayed in one piece.”

Driscoll refused to tell The Times what, if anything, security footage on that part of the vessel revealed. He also refused to acknowledge the presence of security cameras aboard the vessel. On Monday, the window could be observed sealed up with plywood. The seats adjacent to it were closed off with yellow tape. 

 Updated to include additional comments from the Steamship Authority.