Edgartown: Recycle your electronics


I have to say that it sure was fun to attend the pop-up screening of “A Beautiful Place to Die” on Sunday night. A small group of family, friends, and fans gathered in the big hall in the library, and watched the commercial-free recording of the movie, made by the Hallmark Channel and based on Phil Craig’s Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries. And while the movie was very different from the book for a number of reasons, it was entertaining to watch it come to life so many years after the book was written. I’ve since read a number of comments online about the movie, primarily disappointment that it wasn’t filmed here. However, the funniest comment I saw was that the movie was too “Hallmarkie.” I’m not sure what that particular viewer anticipated, considering that it was a Hallmark movie, but it was pretty much a typical Hallmark movie. Looking forward to more movies to come.

Everyone is invited to the Edgartown library on Saturday, Jan. 18, from 10:30 am until noon for a meet and greet with the board of trustees. This is a great opportunity to get to know the board members, and also enjoy some coffee and doughnuts.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Anne Williamson on Jan. 14 and Cathy Merrill on Jan. 16.

I am amazed to say it, but my “baby” girl, Amelia, finishes up high school this week. She doubled up on her required classes this semester so she would have enough credits to finish early. She will graduate with her classmates in June, but in the meantime, she’ll be working to earn some money for next year. It’s crazy to think about how fast these years have passed. We will soon be venturing off to take a closer look at some of the schools that she has been accepted at, and see if we can figure out the best fit for her, while we await hearing from a few more. Seems like just yesterday I was doing the same for myself. It is sure bittersweet to experience it as Mom. When I went through it with Riley, I knew I still had one to go, and it was still hard. This time around, I’m looking at an empty nest. Crazy.

This coming weekend is a three-day weekend to honor Martin Luther King Jr.  Schools will be closed on Monday, so plan accordingly.

The Edgartown library’s south vestibule entrance now has a container for recycling items being collected by the Martha’s Vineyard League of Women Voters. Working with Planet Green Recycle, the LWV is collecting a variety of printer cartridges and other small electronics to be recycled (and to raise money for the league). Items being accepted at the library include inkjet cartridges, and such small electronics as cell phones, pagers, and accessories; digital cameras; GPS devices and radar detectors; smart watches; calculators; eBook readers and music devices (iPods and MP3 players); and video game devices. Just save these items and drop them off at your next visit to the library. Questions? Call Kristi Strahler at 508-627-6429. 

There will be an M.V. Women’s March on Saturday from 1 until 2 pm, to commemorate the third anniversary of the first Women’s March. 

As I drove past State Beach yesterday evening toward Edgartown, I was struck by the moon rising over the water. The moon was huge and low, and reflecting on the ocean. It was breathtaking. I love moments like that, when I remember the beauty of living here. Then, this time of year at least, I usually put on several more layers and grump my way through winter. But it has been unseasonably warm this so far, so I’m trying to embrace the mild winter. I’ve got no complaints. I just bundle up more as needed. And this morning, watching someone in a front-end loader pushing a scallop boat, beached with the low tide, back into the pond made me so grateful for the community we have here. It can be pure magic. Enjoy the warm temps as they continue, and any sunshine that comes our way. Have a great week.