Tisbury: We need our school to be safe


Heard on Main Street: It’s hard to make a comeback when you haven’t been anywhere. 

I hope you went to one of the programs about the revisions to the Tisbury School building. We need our school to be safe and a benefit to all our kids. The people in charge asked to hear your ideas. Did you respond?

I liked this last snowstorm. Pretty in the lights at night, and totally gone by daybreak. That is my idea of a good event. Of course, the kids haven’t had a chance to use sleds or anything here yet. I doubt the wait will be very long now.

Did you know there is a special offering at the Vineyard Haven library, but only until the 28th? That’s Tuesday of next week. Until then you will find several books, I mean lots of books, being offered for free. That is, just for the taking. You may have to buy a bag to take away all you want. Many of the fiction selections are rather new books, duplicates of some now on the library shelves. There is some nonfiction that I cannot imagine anyone ever reading for pleasure. They include stuff from the state legislature, and many really obscure topics. But if that is your thing, go get it while it’s free, and help your library clear out the space. 

Seriously, there is a very wide variety of books for free. I only took what I could carry. Maybe I will get in again on Tuesday. But after that, I don’t know where the books will go, but this huge collection of free books will disappear. 

I do enjoy the library’s new auto-renewal policy. The only problem is there is still some stuff that cannot be renewed, so you had better be sure what it is you are walking out with. I must admit those notices from the library can be annoying. But then I find I did not return the book, as I thought I did. It was still in my trunk. That is just so embarrassing. Then one time I found an odd disc had escaped from a recorded book that I thought I had returned in its entirety. Somehow I get the feeling I am not alone. 

Perhaps we ought to call this column the Vineyard Haven library column. That is mostly what I have today. 

Also at the library, you can enjoy an afternoon of healthy free food and soup with M.V. Vegan Society Soup and Veggies at 2 pm this Sunday, Jan. 26. Bring bags for free veggies and containers for to-go soup. All food is free. More at mvvegansociety.com.

You love Cakes by Liz. Hey, we all love Cakes by Liz. At 7 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 28, she will demonstrate her own Lemon Thyme Shortbread recipe. No registration, but attendance will be limited to the first arrivals.
I have been scrambling to sort through all the odd papers I have around my house. Some are old letters or photographs. I even have some Christmas cards from a few years ago. Now I don’t know why I saved them. But I put them back in the box and plan to look at them during the next snowstorm.

I did discover a pattern for a quilt I started but never finished. I wonder where the pieces are now? And will I still like the chosen fabrics? That is always an odd thing that does amuse me. I start a quilt and carefully select the fabrics. And then what? I find I don’t really like that bit of red in it. Or the blues don’t seem as happy together. Or something just puts me off. 

Maybe I need to start a new quilt group, where we just give away our unfinished quilts. Years ago I gave one away, partially pieced, and later found the friend who took it thoroughly enjoyed completing it. So I no longer feel guilty about not finishing that one. 

That happens in my writing as well. I start to write a piece, usually triggered by a memory. Then I can’t decide where it is going. Or I don’t think it is going where I want it to go.
This kind of thing only seems to strike me in midwinter. In summer I usually feel happy with choices I have made in the past, whether for fabric pieces or story lines. It probably has to do with sunshine. It is a dreary day as I write this now. Right. I will blame it on the weather.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out on Monday to Caroline Davey. Tuesday belongs to Suzanne Kennedy, who is most likely to be found at our Town Hall. 

Heard on Main Street: Some days you are the dog; some days you’re the lamppost.