Tinker Day lets students create, learn

Students get to explore science, technology, engineering, and more.


Students at the Chilmark School held their third annual Tinker Day on Friday.

Tinker Day is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) inspired activity period that has students split up into groups to build and problem solve. The K-5 students were given the option to sign up for a bevy of activities like Lego building, circuit wiring, maze design, yoga, catapult construction, and many others.

The focus of Tinker Day is getting students to work together. In one classroom, students were connecting batteries to different objects making them light up and make sounds. In another room, students were building a catapult so they could measure how far they could launch things. Principal Susan Stevens was in the school’s lobby showing kids different games utilizing ping pong balls. 

Because students were allowed to split into activities of their choice, groups were multi-age, which Stevens said was another way for kids to interact and learn. “It’s about collaborating with each other,” Stevens told The Times. “A big drive here is collaboration.”