Bridge notes


At the Feb. 10, 1:15 game of the Edgartown Bridge Club, nine pairs competed in a Educational Foundation Fund special game. Finishing in first place were Barbara Besse and Wink Winkelman, followed by Diane Drake and Lolly Hand in second, Barbara Silk and Dave Donald in third, and Carol Whitmarsh and Gerry Averill in fourth place. At the Feb. 3 game, eight pairs competed in another Educational Foundation Fund game. Diane Drake and Lolly Hand finished in first place, followed by Barbara Besse and Wink Winkelman in second, and Bea Phear and Barbara Silk in third.


Four pairs competed as teams in the Educational Foundation Fund special game at the Feb. 11, 7 pm game of Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club in Oak Bluffs. Three teams earned masterpoints by winning two games each: Dave Donald and Michel Riel, Bea Phear and Lolly Hand, and Carol Whitmarsh and Barbara Besse. At the Feb. 4 game, five pairs competed. Barbara Besse and Carol Whitmarsh finished in first place, followed by Dotti Arnold and Gerry Averill.


And at the Feb. 13, 2 pm game of the Island Bridge Club in Oak Bluffs, nine pairs competed. Finishing in a tie for first place were Dave Donald and Rich Colter, and Barbara Besse and Wink Winkelman. Third place was taken by Barbara Silk and Bea Phear, while fourth place went to Ency and Robert Fokos.