Home Workout

With Island gyms closed, The Times' own fitness guru offers a way to keep fit while keeping social distance.


Wondering how to work out now that all the Island gyms have closed to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus? Want to stay swole but also practice social distancing? Here’s a quick home workout for people wanting to stay on their workout game even though the world is ending. This is a full-body workout, giving you both upper and lower body exercises. Remember, the goal here is to push yourself—the ten rep number is more of a suggestion. If you can’t do 10, then don’t worry; if you can do more than 10, go for it!

Full Body Workout:

Tricep bench dips: 4 sets of 10 (use a chair or small table)

Pushups (form is everything!) – 4 sets of 10

Walking Lunges: 4 sets of 20 (10 each leg)

Pike pushups: 4 sets of 10

Step downs: (or single leg squat to seated) 4 sets of 8

Sissy squats: 4 sets of 7 (These may be difficult for beginners or people with knee problems. I would also recommend holding on to something for stability)

Jump squats: 4 sets of 20

Crunches: (advanced: with raised legs) – 3 sets of 50

Plank: 1 minute each side

If you have a pull-up bar or playground to use:

Pull ups: 4×5

Inverted rows: 4×10

Hike/Walk: 1hr at a brisk pace — try going to one of the many wonderful parks and trails around MV! My personal favorite is the 3ish mile loop around Tradewinds park. 

Not much of a “hit the weight room” kind of person? The YMCA of Martha’s Vineyard suggests the Down Dog app, which is offering free online access to yoga, HIIT, and barre classes until April 1.