LeRoux to give online profits to furloughed employees

Forced to close brick-and-mortar stores, LeRoux keeps website up-and-running.

LeRoux is closing its store fronts, but will be giving 100 percent of its online sales profits to employees. — Marnely Murray

LeRoux Kitchen is closing down its brick-and-mortar stores and furloughing its 42 employees due to the continued COVID-19 crisis, but will be using 100 percent of its online profits to benefit those employees.

From now until the end of April, all of the sales from lerouxkitchen.com will be used to benefit their employees. 

“While we wish we could pay each of our employees their full wages during this time, without the revenue from our brick-and-mortar stores, we are simply unable to do so. Our hope is that this effort can help to ease any financial burden that might befall our staff,” the statement reads.

The decision to close the stores was for the health and safety of the employees and customers, according to a statement from LeRoux.

“Many of our employees have been on the frontlines during this uncertain time, and their commitment to keeping themselves, each other, and our community healthy has been inspiring,” the statement reads.

LeRoux stores began on Martha’s Vineyard in 1980 and have grown to serve five communities in six stores across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

“Now, more than ever, people are cooking at home, spending more time with their kids, partners and roommates, and we are proud to provide the tools, ingredients, and inspiration to turn these times of isolation into a time of memorable meals and meaningful experiences in the kitchen,” the statement reads.