Tisbury: Set news boundaries for yourself


Heard on Main Street: Ignoring the facts does not change the facts. That doesn’t mean you have to focus on them all the time. 

Sometimes it’s hard to take advice from your kids. I wasn’t sure when my daughter spoke of washing apples and oranges with soap and water. But somehow it made more sense when the M.V. Emergency Managers suggested you think of the virus like glitter. And soap and water will clean up all that glitter. It even helps with handwashing. When you try to clean up glitter, it does take a little more effort than you expect. Perhaps it is my inner child, but it works for me.

The Vineyard Independence Partnership has a collection of member art for sale at the MV Playhouse. You can view the paintings online at mvplayhouse.org You can bid online for this wonderful art. Proceeds benefit VIP (60%), the artist (30%), and the Playhouse (10%). Many pieces have been sold but the bidding on remaining art has been extended to April 12. All works of art must be picked up by the buyer at the Playhouse when it is safe to do so. At least enjoy viewing the work by these talented friends in our community.

Some suggestions for coping with all this free time: I agree that it is primary that you set your news boundary. You should decide your limit and how much you can watch. I have to admit that I quickly zoned out from most of it. I like to look at the weather on TV, so if something happens to be mentioned at that time, okay but that is it. If I should feel a need for a bit more, I record the BBC half hour news. Then I can fast forward through anything I don’t want.

They also say you should be easy on yourself. We all need relief from this pressure we cannot avoid.

Allow yourself some downtime. It’s good for you. It is okay to sit on your couch watching lighthearted movies or reading or doing whatever it is you might not normally do on a regular Monday or Tuesday. I find I actually need to take sufficient downtime in order to do what I want to accomplish. I am also enjoying rereading old books because I am running out of library books now.

Maybe they could reopen the libraries for a day to let us all gather up some new reading materials or movies. But whatever you do, don’t return the stuff you have borrowed until everything is back to whatever will pass as normal in the next month or so.

The Brits had the right idea. They announced people should stay home and not go out for 12 weeks. That was about a month ago. The time won’t be up until mid June. At least they gave some idea that no one knows just how long all this may take.

The question has been raised, but whether this is a town or a state issue is hard to say. Why is there no crosswalk on State Road at the end of Look Street? Granted, even in slow traffic, this is a hazardous area for pedestrians as well as cars. But haven’t we all at one time or another stopped to let a child or a cyclist or an adult cross this street safely? But why isn’t their crossing protected here? Who is responsible for this?

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out on Monday to Debbie Eggers and Allan Davey. Happy birthday on Wednesday to Ann Lee and Mike McLaughlin.

Heard on Main Street: One should keep words both soft and tender, because tomorrow one may have to eat them.