Inside the art studio with Granary and sister galleries


Glimpse the creative process of a visual artist and watch a blank canvas come to life in the ‘pARTicipate at home’ curated series. These interactive experiences from the Granary, Field, and North Water galleries feature artists sharing their craft. Each one will give a demonstration or a time-lapse view of creating a work of art using oil paint, epoxy, or watercolor. The artists include Susie White, Julie Friedman, Ken Vincent, Rachel Cassani, Ray Ellis, Sergio Roffo, David Wallis, Carol Maguire, and Max Decker. Starting April 30, and continuing every Thursday through May, one or more of these artists will appear at 1:30 pm on the Granary, Field, or North Water Gallery’s Facebook page. To view the schedule and website links, visit ‘pARTicipate at Home‘, and be inspired for your own creative journey.