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Heard on Main Street: You are too blessed to be stressed.

My friend, Joan Druett, is a maritime historian and well-known writer who lives in New Zealand. Like all of us, she is in lockdown. She wrote that she “was playing online bridge with three American bridge friends (never met, but chat and play a lot together) and my groceries arrived, so I left the table, saying I had to go down and get the trolley. When I came back, they were wondering in the chat box what a ‘trolley’ might be. They had decided I probably meant the shopping cart —- which I did.”

Then she went on: “The building keeps a trolley cart in the trolley room, so when the grocery truck arrives, you can wheel the trolley outside the secure lobby, the man fills it, we wave at each other (no contact), and I wheel the trolley into the lift (elevator), put the stuff on my kitchen bench and then take the trolley back down.” Then she said, “The bridge was quite enlivened by all that.”

I could not help but note that her husband would have loved this way of getting groceries. Her dear husband Ron died a few months ago in Hospice. They moved from a house on a steep hill, where their groceries then had to be carried up two flights of stairs. Their view overlooked the deep gorge surrounded by mountains where “Lord of the Rings” was filmed.

We sometimes forget the whole world is going through all this at the same time.

I am getting low on toothpaste, so did a scramble looking for the small samples from the dentist. I use them on trips, so it took me a while to remember where to look. Found one still in its box, but it did not say toothpaste. Instead the only legible words were Gum Detoxify. It took glasses and quite a while before I got to where it said it was, in fact, toothpaste. No, it did not even say that. It said, after a lot of other words, you could use it to “brush teeth.” Of course, if that is the hardest thing I have to do all day …

That is my biggest problem with this stay-at-home thing. I feel guilty when I go out, but the smallest things become major issues. I do enjoy all the help and phone calls and email. That may be a problem for me when all this is over.

Then there is the extreme need for distraction. The Vineyard Haven library now offers Creativebug, a new online crafting resource. Go to creativebug.com/lib/marthasvineyard, and sign up with your library card number. If you have a problem, email vhpl_mail@clamsnet.org

You will find hundreds of clear and easy-to-follow video classes that you can enjoy anytime and at your own pace. They include art and design, sewing, knitting, and a special section for kids. There are quick and easy projects, too. Try it. It’s free and very well done.

And, if you have kids, you should check out bit.ly/2z3iFq6. The VH library offers an activities online newsletter for kids.

If you have any desire to draw, or even are experienced, you might want to check out Elizabeth Whelan’s online art programs. The Vineyard Haven library says that her online art programs will continue weekly at 11 am on Wednesdays throughout the summer. These events are held on the Zoom meeting platform, so an email address and Internet access are required. Prior to each event, email erwhelan@gmail.com or call the library in order to receive the Zoom access code. Topics include drawing feet or urban sketching, and art collection as experience. She sounds amazing.

And if you are more adept at such things than I am, you should know there is a new CLAMS Library Network App to download. The old one no longer works.

Congratulations to Ann and Allan Davey on Saturday.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out to Elaine Ciancio tomorrow. Saturday belongs to Olyvia Houston. Wish the best on Sunday to Ann Nelson, Shawn Townes, and Leah Ellis. Betsy Edge and Ann Haller enjoy their special day on Tuesday. Sparkling wishes for a very Happy Birthday go to Kristina Ivory and Kylie Townes on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: You do need only two tools: WD-40 and duct tape. If it doesn’t move and it should, use WD-40. If it moves and shouldn’t, use duct tape.

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