Tisbury: Reach out to local businesses


Heard on Main Street: You did fly the flag on Monday, right?

Last Friday morning I was thinking about the children in their Memorial Day parade taking flowers to the harbor. When those kids toss their bouquets onto the water in the harbor, it is an almost shivery feeling. This year especially I thought of how I missed that special treat.

When I was a little girl in a small town in Connecticut, my dad would take me to the top of the biggest hill in town on the morning of Memorial Day. The hill had a big, ugly tower on top called the Soldiers Memorial. I never quite understood what that meant. But I did understand the strong feelings of pride and honor that surrounded you in the large group of people who stood with hats off and hands over their hearts as the bugle played “Taps.”

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day, with no mistakes in it yet?

Have you tried to shop on Main Street? Our local businesses need our support. But it is hard to do this. The best part of shopping is just that. Going in and looking around, seeing what is new or what reaches out to you. Most of the businesses had new products ordered for spring and summer when we all got told to stay home.

Whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook, most shops have posted pictures of the new products. And at least while they are not very busy, a call describing what you are looking for might get you a winner. Shopping this way is safer than what we think we’d rather do. And remember, the shopkeepers are a little nervous about how this will all work, too. Stay safe — and do what you can to help our community get back to what works for us.

I am happy the Island libraries are trying to figure out what they need to do to open. It can’t be an easy solution. Will it be safe to borrow books that someone else has taken home? How can I ask such a thing? In the meantime, the libraries are trying hard to give us opportunities.

The V.H. library offers a weekly French conversation group on Tuesday morning online. Elizabeth Whelan’s art programs will run all week, using Zoom. The monthly meeting of the Library Book Club features “The Women’s Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote,” by Elaine Weiss, to be discussed on June 18.

You also are reminded that you can learn how to use Zoom on the Zoom Channel on YouTube. I have to admit I should check that out. I have more trouble using Zoom than should be possible. Yes, I know it is me, but I don’t know which part of me messes this Zoom up. I think about two chances out of three attempts work for me. And of course, all the libraries remind you NOT to return anything you borrowed until they ask for it.

Spring flowers are just so wonderful. But for me, there is just nothing like the beautiful scent of lilacs. Many years ago my husband bought me a fairly big lilac plant — that over the years has provided one or maybe two blossoms a year. Obviously, it has a problem. It is quite tall, probably needs a place where the sun reaches it more easily.

This year the plant went crazy — can you believe there were four? When I asked my neighbor to cut the lovely purple blossoms for me, he kindly added a few bright pink azalea branches. He said it seemed like a good idea “because the lilacs looked lonely.” Have I told you lately that I need to remember to count my blessings?

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out Steve Mussell today. Tomorrow, wish the best to Peggy McGrath, Bill Kingsbury, and especially to my good friend Jane Pallatroni Chandler. On Monday, wish the best to Leslie Rizza and Megan Buchanan. Happy birthday on Wednesday to Myra Stark and Fred LaPiana.

Heard on Main Street: Always keep a book with you, in case of emergency, like social distancing.

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