Island Grown Initiative offers free drop-off


As part of Island Grown Initiative’s M.V. Food Waste Challenge, food waste drop-off will be free at all six Island transfer stations for the month of June. Drop-off (for up to a five-gallon bucket) usually costs $2. 

The Food Waste Challenge is a six-week online initiative that encourages decreased home food waste and saves participants money. To start the challenge, participants are encouraged to measure their home food waste, to tidy up their pantries and take inventory, to meal-plan and shop smart, to recover edible food that might otherwise be thrown away, and to recycle food waste, if necessary. Island Grown Initiative now encourages participants to take advantage of their new offering of free food waste drop-off, usually a more expensive endeavor.

Each year, the Island exports about 6,500 tons of food waste, at a cost of about $322,000. This figure does not include residential collection, tipping, or sticker fees that residents and visitors pay. Food waste is generally the heaviest component of home waste. Removing food waste, along with other recycling materials, from your garbage bags or cans will reduce the number and weight of those bags, which will in turn reduce the cost. 

This June, separate and recycle your food waste at the transfer stations, and see how it impacts your waste dollars. Buckets are available at all Island waste facilities.

Interested potential participants may sign up for the food waste challenge at, or email Island Grown Initiative at