Move to Ag Hall was ‘glorious’


To the Editor:

As my mother would say, today was a glorious day.

Mom said that a lot, especially when a perfect summer day allowed all seven of us to play outside from dawn to dusk. But, she also said it whenever she pulled a perfectly baked tray of lemon sugar cookies from the oven. Glory, after all, is surely in the eye of the beholder (and anyone lucky enough to score one of Mom’s cookies warm from the oven).

Today, I shopped the West Tisbury Farmers Market at its new location at the Agricultural Hall … and it was glorious.

It was a perfect, almost summer day, made even better by the perfectly almost normal feel of a farmers market. Moving the market to the grounds of the Agricultural Hall in the midst of this pandemic was brilliant. The 39-plus vendors were spread out across the field in a patchwork of normalcy that almost felt drinkable. 

Jan Buhrman from Kitchen Porch might have done a victory lap around the grounds today had she not been so busy with customers hungry for a taste of her buckwheat chocolate chip cookies. Jan has been a longtime advocate for moving the market to the Agricultural Hall — and, in a true “build it and they will come” moment, we came in droves.

On my way to pick up a bouquet from Beetlebung Farm, I fell in step with an elderly man and his companion in the grassy field. The man was stooped over his cane and bent on his destination. The person with him commented on how delighted they were to be there because the change of venue made it much easier for him to navigate the market: “The gravel at the old location was much harder for him to walk on.”

It was a very easy and pleasing walk for me to pick up my flowers. Though I stood in line for a bit, I truly didn’t mind, because everyone around me was there for the same reason. We were all seeking a bit of brightness in what can sometimes seem like an overwhelming dark time.

When it was finally my turn, I asked the young artists who were arranging the bouquets if they had formal training in floral arranging, or if they had “learned on the job.” One of the girls pointed to her colleague and said, “Oh, this one. She’s a born creative. Everything she touches is beautiful.”

Her friend replied saying, “Well, we do offer classes at the farm, but we’re also connected to so many people who inspire each other. We talk and trade ideas and build on that.”

Isn’t that glorious?

Patty Allen