A note of thanks

High School View

The editors and staff of the High School View would like to thank everyone at The MV Times for supporting us in our effort to inform the broader Island community about high school events and perspectives. In particular, we would like to thank Kris Rabasca, who helps to format our paper every week for The Times’ publication, and has taught us so much this year, and Barbara Davis for always checking over our articles and making copy edits from which to learn. Thank you also to Jamie Kageleiry and George Brennan for the willingness to serve as educators and professional resources in the field, and to Connie Berry, who was instrumental in helping us publish online when COVID-19 and school closures prevented us from proceeding with our print edition. Last, we’d like to thank the many businesses and individuals who support us through ads every week. We couldn’t do this without you.


Emily Gazzaniga and Spencer Pogue
Editors-in-Chief, 2019–2020