Real Estate Transactions: June 22 – 26



June 22, William K. Moran, personal representative of the estate of Barry Roy, a.k.a. Barry D. Roy, sold Quansoo Beach Lot 28 to Carrie Russell Marcus and Adam Marcus for $340,000.

June 26, David M. Dolinsky and Sandra M. Dolinsky sold 16 Trails End to Caroline R. Flanders, trustee of 16 Trails End Nominee Trust, for $1,285,000.

June 26, Patricia J. Lincoln sold 4 Peases Point Way to Emily Rachel Josephs for $810,000.


June 23, Benjamin M. Howe and Janet L. Howe sold a 99 percent interest in 4 Plains Head Lane to Sunset Estates LLC, and a 1 percent interest to Maria Roglieri, for $1,430,100.

June 24, Kamlesh Patel, trustee of J & K Realty Trust, sold 529 Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road to Georgi Penchev and Ralitsa Ivanova for $545,000.

June 26, the town of Edgartown sold 81 11th St. South to James K. Rowell for $19,000.


June 26, E. Donald Brice sold Unit 6, 21 Kennebec Ave., to Paul A.S. Deruyter and Marilyn B. Deruyter, trustees of the Deruyter Family Trust, for $629,000.

June 26, Francis H. Brunelle, trustee of Brunelle Family Trust, sold Unit 2, 37 Circuit Ave., to Ann Marie Ryan for $324,000.

June 26, John R.B. Morris and Lauren T.J. Morris sold 11 High Meadow Lane to Amy R. Goldson, trustee of the Amy R. Goldson Trust, for $780,000.


June 24, Benjamin Howard Coffin, trustee of Benjamin Howard Coffin V Nominee Trust, sold 134 Sarita Walker Road to Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of Watcha Doing Realty Trust, for $1,500,000.

June 24, Gerald L. Deblois sold 65 Jennie Athearn Road to Scott M. Caskey and Charlotte Caskey for $800,000.

June 26, Donald Klepper-Smith and Marcia B. Klepper-Smith sold 5 Pine Lane to Island Waldorf Community Inc. for $837,000.