Real Estate Transactions: June 22 – 26, 2020



June 22, William K. Moran, personal representative of the estate of Barry Roy, a.k.a. Barry D. Roy, sold Quansoo Beach Lot 28 to Carrie Russell Marcus and Adam Marcus for $340,000.

June 26, David M. Dolinsky and Sandra M. Dolinsky sold 16 Trails End to Caroline R. Flanders, trustee of 16 Trails End Nominee Trust, for $1,285,000.

June 26, Patricia J. Lincoln sold 4 Peases Point Way to Emily Rachel Josephs for $810,000.


June 23, Benjamin M. Howe and Janet L. Howe sold a 99 percent interest in 4 Plains Head Lane to Sunset Estates LLC, and a 1 percent interest to Maria Roglieri, for $1,430,100.

June 24, Kamlesh Patel, trustee of J & K Realty Trust, sold 529 Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road to Georgi Penchev and Ralitsa Ivanova for $545,000.

June 26, the town of Edgartown sold 81 11th St. South to James K. Rowell for $19,000.


June 26, E. Donald Brice sold Unit 6, 21 Kennebec Ave., to Paul A.S. Deruyter and Marilyn B. Deruyter, trustees of the Deruyter Family Trust, for $629,000.

June 26, Francis H. Brunelle, trustee of Brunelle Family Trust, sold Unit 2, 37 Circuit Ave., to Ann Marie Ryan for $324,000.

June 26, John R.B. Morris and Lauren T.J. Morris sold 11 High Meadow Lane to Amy R. Goldson, trustee of the Amy R. Goldson Trust, for $780,000.


June 24, Benjamin Howard Coffin, trustee of Benjamin Howard Coffin V Nominee Trust, sold 134 Sarita Walker Road to Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of Watcha Doing Realty Trust, for $1,500,000.

June 24, Gerald L. Deblois sold 65 Jennie Athearn Road to Scott M. Caskey and Charlotte Caskey for $800,000.

June 26, Donald Klepper-Smith and Marcia B. Klepper-Smith sold 5 Pine Lane to Island Waldorf Community Inc. for $837,000.