Real Estate Transactions: Week of June 29 – July 3



June 29, Suzanne W. Shea and Francis M. Palma Jr., a.k.a. Francis M. Palma, sold 30 The Boulevard to Shaun Palma and Kristen Palma for $775,000.

June 30, Christopher Papouras sold 29 Llewellyn Way to James Spencer for $2,200,000.

June 30, James H. Recht and Donald Greenstein sold 29 Road to the Gut to North Hole LLC for $2,500,000.

July 1, Terrence E. McCracken and Patricia E. McCracken, trustees of the McCracken Revocable Trust, sold 10 Bettencourt Way to Michael P. Volo and Karen M. Volo for $1,800,000.

July 1, Wendy Leigh Perry and Kira Elizabeth Shepherd sold 74 North Water St. to Alyssa C. Akgonul and Rafat Kerim Akgonul for $3,100,000.

July 2, Thomas R. Morrell sold 5 Schoolhouse Road to Semiramis T. Trotto andMark A. Trotto for $875,000.

July 2, Andrew T. Fish and Gordon N. Reid III, trustees of the John W. Fish Trust, sold 10 Sampson Ave. to Anne M. Smith for $496,000.

July 2, Jacqueline E. Zins and Judith E. Zins sold 95 Edgartown Bay Road to James E. Zins for $2,333,333.33.


June 30, Thomas B. Worth and Oliver F. Ames Jr., trustees of the Ponzecchi Massachusetts Real Property Trust, sold Lot 147, Blue Heron Drive, to Jesse W. Smith, trustee of Copicut Realty Trust, for $1,225,000.


June 30, State University College at Oneonta Foundation Corp. sold 14 Sea View Ave. Ext. to Nancy Read Henricks and Lon S. Henricks, trustees of the Nancy Read Henricks & Lon S. Henricks Revocable Trust, for $700,000.

June 30, Paula Cuculo and Deborah A. Smith, trustees of the Raymond E. Gallison Irrevocable Trust, sold 25 Circuit Ave. Ext. to Eugene D. Brice for $1,100,000. 


June 30, Sandra L. Healy sold 17 Martin Road to Kevin Nydam and Meaghan Nydam for $300,000.

June 30, US Bank NA, as trustee for Banc of America Funding Corp., Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-C, holder of a mortgage from Shane Pacheco, sold 488 Edgartown Road by foreclosure deed to US Bank NA, as trustee for Banc of America Funding Corp., Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2007-C, for $940,144.40.

June 30, Candace A. Nichols sold Unit G-01 and Unit 10, 124 Skiff Ave., to Gregory M. Moye for $294,000.

June 30, Rebecca Lee Jewett and Edar Frances Jewett sold a lot on Jewett Lane to S. Fain Hackney, trustee of Cheeshahteaumauk Realty Trust, for $570,000.

July 1, Island Cove Miniature Golf Inc. sold 286 State Road to Exchange Authority LLC, trustee of the Boyer 19740 Parking Trust, for $800,000.


June 29, Arthur Nelson sold 14 Factory Brook Road to Elizabeth Cecil and Eben Armer for $850,000.