Real Estate Transactions: Week of August 31 – Sept. 4, 2020


Sept. 1, Sophie Clara Geiger, n.k.a. Sophie Clara Kling, sold a lot on Old South Road to Brian Vanderhoop and Elaine Vanderhoop for $22,500.


Aug. 31, JB & DM LLC sold 8 Boston Hill Road to TIBIDABO LLC for $2,800,000.

Sept. 1, Robert W. Higgins, trustee of Peace & Harmony Realty Trust, sold 63 Putnam Road to Raymond A. Rubin and Jeffrey L. Shelton for $2,185,000.

Sept. 4, Frederick N. Khedouri sold a lot on South Road to Mader MV LLC for $625,000.


Aug. 31, Spinnaker Estates LLC sold 6 Nora’s Lane to Cynthia G. Wansiewicz, trustee of Eifel Nominee Trust, for $3,200,000.

Aug. 31, Sebastian M. Pattavina, trustee of Triangle 3 Realty Trust, sold Unit 3, 243 Edgartown–Vineyard Haven Road, to LDK Ventures LLC for $400,000.

Aug. 31, Bradford T. Fligor and Anne M. Fligor sold 5 Marchants Path to 5MP LLC for $1,195,000.

Aug. 31, Anita Trullinger sold 19 North Summer St. to Melissa Shannon for $1,770,000.

Aug. 31, Steven E. Daly and Sharon McCann Daly, a.k.a. Sharon M. Daly, sold 77 Washque Ave. to Eric J. Siebert and Karen L. Siebert for $885,000.

Sept. 1, MSK LLC sold 6 Jordan Way to Michael M. MacDougall and Amy A. MacDougall for $2,700,000.

Sept. 1, William Weibrecht sold 27 Windsor Drive to Carlos I. Benitez and Maria N. Martinez-Shedden for $580,000.

Sept. 3, Tenney M. Cover and Cary M. White, trustees of TC Realty Trust sold 12 Green Ave. to Robert Greenglass for $1,989,900.

Sept. 3, Michael J. Shalett sold 86 Turkeyland Cove Road to Stephen D. Howell and Susan S. Howell for $4,975,000.


Aug. 31, Preserve at the Woodlands LLC sold 20 Paddock Road to Copper Properties Partners LLC for $535,000.

Sept. 3, Davlyn Mosley and Kyle Mosley sold 14 Rose Ave. to Piotr Kornalski and Anna Poblocka for $630,000.

Sept. 3, Daniel Richheimer and Jennifer Kennedy sold 15 Spindles Path to Todd Debettencourt and Katherine Donahue for $917,500.

Sept. 4, David L. Merritt sold 33 Tia Anna Lane to Kyle Neyer and Mark Bateman for $870,000.

Sept. 4, Mary Ellen Rogers sold 7 Everett Ave. to David A. Diriwachter and Deirdre L. Bohan for $893,000.

Sept. 4, Anne H. Corely, trustee of John A. Hargreaves Revocable Trust sold 9 Beecher Park to William J. Callahan and Melissa D. Callahan for $1,366,000.  


Aug. 31, Rita Guarriello sold 226 Gold Club Road to KB on Island LLC for $1,075,000.

Sept. 2, Manley J. Kiley, Jr. and Mary Michael Leahy sold 85 State Road to John Darcy and Kimberly M. Darcy, trustee of 85 State Road Realty Trust, for $800,000.

Sept. 2, Michael Cohen and Mildred Cohen sold 71 State Road to Manley Kiley Jr. and Mary Michael Leahy for $1,260,000.

Sept. 3, James A. Johnson and Carole K. Johnson sold 116 Franklin Terrace to Marcos Nascimento and Fabiana De Oliveira for $575,000.

Sept. 4, Daryl M. Pietsch, trustee of Daryl M. Pietsch Trust sold 84 Quinsigamond Ave. to John Reagan and Lisa Reagan for $730,000.

Sept. 4, the United States of America sold 100 Center St. to Whitney Lunt Gordon and Bryan S. Gordon for $800,000.  


Aug. 31, James Neville and Rachell Neville sold 50A Red Pony Lane to Timothy H. Bettencourt and Danielle G. Bettencourt for $250,000.

Aug. 31, Paul I. Weiss, trustee of Paul I. Weiss Living Trust, sold 40 Norton Farm Road to R. Gill Kerlikowske and Anna T. Laszlo, trustees of the R Gil Kerlikowske Revocable Trust and the Anna T. Laszlo Revocable Trust, for $1,825,000.

Aug. 31, Dianne S. Hartmann sold 249 Great Plains Road to Susan M. Littlefield and Matthew Littlefield for $748,000.

Sept. 2. Philip J. Cronin and Sharon H. Cronin sold 14 Capawock Road to Tracy Cashen and Thomas S. Gardiner for $1,700,000.

Sept. 3, David C. Schwartz, trustee of Schwartz Family Revocable Trust, sold 21 Looks Pond Way to Wardell Eisner and Meghan Eisner for $950,000.