Real Estate Transactions: Week of Sept. 21 – 25, 2020


Sept. 24, Norma I. McDonald sold 12 Peases Point Way to Joseph Chapman and Susan Chapman for $625,000.

Sept. 24, Barbara Stratton sold 31 North Road to Kay Rentschler for $500,000.

Sept. 24, Marin Street sold 1 Crowberry Lane to Thomas Dengenis and Susanne Dengenis for $735,000.

Sept. 25, Robert P. Alden and CIBC National Trust Co., trustees of the Stonewall Realty Trust II, sold 138 and 138B State Road to Lenom House LLC for $4,800,000.


Sept. 21, Vineyard Holdco LLC sold Unit 15, North Summer St., to Patricia Griesdorn for $399,000.

Sept. 21, Elizabeth A. Gormley sold 18 Orran Norton Way to Jennifer J. Shea and David J. Shea, trustees of the Jennifer J. Shea Revocable Trust Agreement, for $1,425,000.

Sept. 21, Gerret C. Conover sold a lot on Twelfth St. North to Brendan R. Morris for $320,000.

Sept. 22, Michael W. Sweeney and Margaret A. Malloy Sweeney sold 31 Pinehurst Road to Millers Unlimited Properties LLC for $830,000.

Sept. 23, Alan C. Gowell sold 61 Third St. North to Evelyn F. Macomber for $439,000.

Sept. 24, Steven A. Hauptman sold 25 Mercier Way to Kevin J. Hanlon for $1,540,000.

Sept. 24, Patricia Dougherty and Frank T. Dougherty, trustees of the Frank T. Dougherty Revocable Trust Agreement, sold 13 Katama Point Road to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of 13 Katama Point Nominee Trust, for $2,200,000.

Sept. 24, Rifat Kerim Akgonul sold 49 Mill St. to Raymon Byron Carlock Jr. for $1,215,200.

Sept. 25, David J. Poggi Jr. and Gayle D. Poggi sold 5 Plains Court to Michael Otner and Deborah Otner for $2,550,000.

Sept. 25, Scott Sperling and Laurene Sperling sold 71 Kanomika Road to Patrick J. O’Keefe and Katherine A. O’Keefe for $2,600,000.

Sept. 25, Marigil Walsh sold 21 Bankers Way to Scott Wallach and Caroline Wallach for $4,455,000.

Sept. 25, Kimberly Ann Saxton sold 60 Tenth St. South to Sarah E. Bouchard and Frank C. Fesnak for $1,050,000.

Sept. 25, Adam Troy Epstein, individually and as manager of Innovation MV Properties LLC, sold 32 Schoolhouse Road to Richard Levy and Beverly Stotz for $2,230,000.


Sept. 22, Bennett Gaines and Linda Gaines sold 66 Hudson Ave. to Michael D. Tauer, trustee of the Michael D. Tauer 2019 Trust, for $666,500.

Sept. 23, Ice Pond Lane LLC sold 51 Ice Pond Lane to 51 Ice Pond Lane LLC for $1,750,000.

Sept. 23, Vineyard Preferred Properties LLC sold 34 Waterview Road to Michael Berg and Noelle Berg for $1,050,000.

Sept. 24, Joseph C. Carter and Rae Manson Carter sold 17 Jessica Lane to Matrice Ellis Kirk and Ronald Kirk for $1,500,000.

Sept. 25, Arthur L. Walton Jr. and Linda V. Dare-Walton sold 8 Mourning Dove Way to Lydia Allen-Berry for $790,000.

Sept. 25, Robert E. Mathias and Hannako Mathias sold 137 Katama Road to Catherine Thompson and Richard Thompson for $1,700,000.

Sept. 25, John Kuester, trustee of Bellevue Heights Nominee Trust, sold 40 Pankhanne St. to Kenneth T. Slovin and Ann A. Slovin for $1,469,000.

Sept. 25, John Reagan and Lisa Reagan sold 65 Columbian Ave. to Anne Elliott for $999,000.

Sept. 25, Franklin P. Folts sold 49 Waterview Road to Kristen A. Gosselin for $360,000.


Sept. 21, Charles P. Martino and Naomi Martino sold Unit 13, 124 Skiff Ave., to Elizabeth Edwards Harris, trustee of the Elizabeth Edwards Harris Revocable Trust, for $440,000.

Sept. 22, Robert F. Hickey, personal representative of the estate of Robert J. Hickey, sold 111 Tashmoo Ave. to Charles C. Snow and Allyson E. Snow for $600,000.

Sept. 24, James G. Doyle sold 108 North William St. to Alysha M. Norbury and Christopher M. Smith for $505,000.

Sept. 24, Toni Robinson, John C. Robinson, and John S. Robinson, trustees of the Residuary Trust Created under Article Eighth of the Will of Benjamin S. Robinson, sold 29 Harbor View Lane to Peter A. Tollman and Linda M. Kaplan, trustees of the Peter A. Tollman 2008 Trust, for $2,600,000.


Sept. 22, Janice M. Damico, f.k.a. Janice M. Damico-Donofrio, trustee of the Damico Dukes Nominee Trust, sold 33 Old Coach Road, a.k.a. 33 Island Farms Road, to Alex Avakian and Emily Avakian for $342,500.

Sept. 23, Reginald Manning sold 235 Longview Road to Drew Cathey and Liane Thomas for $869,900.