Not the year for trick-or-treating


To the Editor:

Regarding the decision of the Oak Bluffs selectmen to open Vineyard Avenue for Halloween, here’s a little input from a curmudgeon: I’m 81, and my partner is 82. We are very careful about how we conduct our lives, and virtually our only regular visits out ’mongst people we don’t know are to grocery stores for sustenance. Also, like most people our age, we live on relatively fixed incomes. Somehow I can’t think this is the year to spend $200-plus on treats for the kids for Halloween (yep, that’s what it costs) for all the kids who ramble onto Vineyard Avenue, and then go out and greet them all on my porch. Seems to me something else could be planned for those who don’t mind mingling in a group of folks they don’t know, perhaps pillaging the merchants on Circuit Ave., or a party at the O.B. School. Meanwhile, and sadly, my lights will be off (and I’ll be hiding under my bed) until the onslaught is over. Sorry, kids (and parents). Happy Halloween, and let’s hope the vaccine can happen before October 2021.

Sara Crafts
Oak Bluffs