Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 12 – 16, 2020



Oct. 15, Hamilton F. Cammann, individually and as trustee of the NICKM Realty Trust, sold 9 Moshup Trail to JMW Moshup LLC for $1,200,000.

Oct. 16, No Gate LLC sold 4 Moshup Trail to CCS Sanctuary LLC for $4,401,936.


Oct. 14, Michael Del Santo sold 21 Windsor Drive to Kenneth D. McCracken and Jennifer Dimaio-McCracken for $785,000.

Oct. 14, Linda T. Gostenhover, trustee of Survivors Trust, sold 49 Quammox Rd. to David Lipton and Laura G. Lipton for $1,600,000.

Oct. 15, Adam Derechin and Wendy Derechin sold Unit C6, 475 Katama Rd. to C6 Katama Realty LLC for $875,000.

Oct. 15, Lawrence D. Nuesch and Lorraine S. Nuesch, trustees of the Nuesch Revocable Living Trust, sold 15 Prices Way to James R. Gittzus and Sharon A Gittzus for $867,320.

Oct. 15, Robert E. Bruce and Suzanne Bruce sold 36 Woodhaven Drive to Brian Schmidt and Denise Schmidt, trustees of the Brian & Denise Schmidt Family Trust, for $1,490,000.

Oct. 15, Salvatore Giordano, trustee of Ox Pond Knoll Nominee Trust, sold 102 Pease’s Point Way North to Susan S. Grenert and Michael D. Grenert for $2,900,000.

Oct. 15, Patrick L. Tzanis and April A. Tzanis sold 55 North Summer St. to Michael Hegarty and Rebecca Hegarty for $2,475,000.

Oct. 15, William E. Welch and Elizabeth M. Welch sold 7 Welch Way to Matthew Heerwagen, Jennifer Lee Heerwagen, Matthew Heerwagen, and Jennifer Lee Heerwagen for $1,195,000.

Oct. 15, Daniel S. Bettencourt, trustee of the Peter T. Bettencourt Revocable Trust, sold 42 Holly Bear Lane to Kenneth H. Stanley and Nicola J. Stanley for $920,000.

Oct. 16, George Apostolides and Claire M. Apostolides sold 7 Forest Circle to Nancie Park for $776,000.

Oct. 16, Kristin Warriner, trustee of Almquist Property Trust, sold 5 Arrowhead Circle to David Blackinton for $780,000.

Oak Bluffs

Oct. 15, David G. Pritchard and Nancy H. Pritchard sold 5 Upper Meadow Lane to Dominic W. Owen and Anna L. Markwica for $1,080,000.

Oct. 16, Robert G. Lister, trustee of Winemack South Intervivos Revocable Trust, sold 1 Winemack St. to Lisa Mitchell, Ronald Mitchell, Segun Eubanks, and Shyrelle Eubanks for $899,900.


Oct. 14, Philip M. Shapiro sold a lot on Main St. to Dierdra Gray Clark for $885,000.

Oct. 14, Louise Grumwald, Executor of the Estate of Henry Grunwald, Peter A. Grunwald, Madeleine Grunwald, and Lisa Grunwald Adler, sold 585 Herring Creek Rd. to Craig Elkind and Christine Lai for $915,000.

Oct. 16, Woodrow W. Hughes and Elizabeth Marson Hughes sold 156 West Spring St. to Herby Duverne for $702,000.

Oct. 16, Karin Stanley and David Woerpel sold 211 Skiff Ave. to Melanie M. Sheffield and Peter K. Sheffield III for $830,000.


Oct. 13, Daniel Howe Jr. and Carl Reid III, Personal Representatives of the estate of Doris Charles Howe a/k/a Doris C. Howe, sold 7 Bea Lane to Robert Teixeira and Erin Teixeira for $830,000.

Oct. 16, Paris W. Major sold 6 Rock Pond Rd. to Aretha T. Taylor for $305,000.