Tolerate differences of opinion


To the Editor: 

I was amused by the verbose and sanctimonious letter (“Trump flag sends a message,” Oct. 15) reacting to the vandalism to the property of Oak Bluffs resident David Morris.

I feel sorry for you, Garri, that you are triggered by the sight of a sign on someone else’s property that you are not “forced to see” if your eyes were on the road and your mind not full of negative thoughts toward our president. I’ve driven by numerous times, and have forgotten it was there.

Like far too many people, you prefer to tolerate freedom of speech and expression toward others only if they agree with you. You clearly prove the point as to why Trump supporters are mostly closeted here. If you overtly show your support, as David has courageously done, you are ridiculed with words, like yours declaring “obliviousness or feigned confusion.” Yes, you can expect that your banner or yard sign will be stolen or vandalized, and this has already happened elsewhere. If you dare put a Trump bumper sticker on your vehicle, you risk having it vandalized, and all of this is justified as “resistance.”

You can go on believing the hate-Trump media drumbeat, and that is your right, but please don’t let your “understanding” of violence or vandalism justify it.

Trump supporters are not just poor, uneducated white people or cigarette boat people, as some believe, and they are way more diverse than the mainstream media would have you believe. Even Telemundo viewers polled that Mike Pence clearly won the V.P. debate, over Kamala Harris.

Our rallies are uplifting and peaceful, unless crashed by hostile agitators. This is in contrast to the riots, vandalism, and looting by anarchists and opportunists that have caused a billion dollars–plus in damage so far, still ongoing in some cities, especially in the Northwest. As I composed this letter, I just heard that a police cruiser was set on fire with an officer inside! How does this heal anything?

Everyone, please learn to at least tolerate a difference of opinion, and YES, a little love toward others goes a long way toward uniting us.


Laura Hill
Oak Bluffs and Virginia