Rally registers with voters

Group gathers at Five Corners to encourage voting.


A group of civic-minded individuals gathered at Five Corners Saturday afternoon for a rally to encourage and even help people to register to vote in the upcoming general election.

The rally’s organizing team put on music and set up tables with information on how and where to vote, as people came up to get information and cars drove by honking their horns in support.

The rally offered paper forms in English, Spanish, and Portuguese that people could fill out then submit to their town of residence to register to vote. There was also a QR code people could scan with their smartphones that led them to rockthevote.org, a website with information on voter registration, voting locations, and more.

Lisette Williams, who was part of the organizing team, said the goal was to get as many people to vote as possible. “We just want everyone to exercise their civic right to vote if they are of age,” Williams said.

Only 10 minutes into the start of the rally, Williams said a gentleman had approached them and used his phone to register, and said he was off to his local voting place to vote.

“If you do not register to vote, it’s a lost voice,” Williams added.

The organizing group also consisted of Kiely Rigali, Jennelle Gadowski, and Graysen Kirk, along with others holding up signs reading “Your rights, your vote, your future,” and a sign with the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s likeness that read “Vote ruthlessly.”

Graysen, a sophomore at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, said that even though she was too young to register to vote, she wanted to see others who could vote register. Graysen said this is an important moment for the country amid the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the general election. She said that people who are undecided or think voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden won’t matter should know their vote is still important.

“It’s important we move forward, not backward,” Graysen said. “Ignoring and neglecting the situation will prevent change.”