Chilmark beset by technical glitches


On Thursday evening, Chilmark town administrator Tim Carroll gave the board of selectmen a description of technical problems at town hall that apparently stem from emails. 

“We are having some technical problems, as you folks are aware,” Carroll said. “The servers and such were being upgraded. We purchased equipment, but it didn’t all get installed in a timely fashion. They were short-handed at our vendor.”

Carroll went on to say problems may stem not only from his email account, “but there’s five or six people who have huge email folders that basically caused the old system to crash a week ago Thursday, and caused some ripple effects to our network. And we’re having some very strange things happen with the new Windows 10 machines. They seemed to be working very smoothly, then after the crash of the email server, we’ve had a bunch of corrupted profiles, which means the settings get all messed up.”

Carroll said hard drives were replaced, but “it didn’t fix it, so we’ve gone through some lengthy [tech service] this past week. We really lost about a week of effort, but not necessarily information. The last two days we lost the shared directory that held all of our invoices that we keep copies of for filing, and that had to be restored.”

“Do you think we’re getting enough technical support from our vendor?” selectman Warren Doty asked. 

“At the moment, this past week, we’ve been getting good support from our vendor,” Carroll said. “Previous to that, I thought we’d been abandoned. I think we’re doing a good job this week.”

Carroll later told The Times the problems stemmed in part from turnover in technicians from the town’s IT vendor, and delays in service that caused.