Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 9 – 13, 2020



Nov. 12, Daniel Albert sold 61 Lighthouse Rd. to Riad Maher for $1,230,000.


Nov. 10, Helen D. Salamone, trustee of Gerts Salamone Realty Trust, sold 12 Gerts Way to Afranio Moreira, Laura Kelly Furtado, and Joao Paulo Furtado for $1,025,000.

Nov. 10, Craig B. Stranigan sold 18 Pinehurst Rd. to Andrew Mansfield and Matthew Spaulding for $792,000.

Nov. 13, Suzanne L. Conley, trustee of Suzanne L. Conley Amended & Restated Revocable Trust sold 26 Louis Field Rd. to Michael J. Shalett for $1,700,000.

Nov. 13, Travis Beal Jacobs, trustee of Travis B. Jacobs Revocable Trust, sold 56 Green Pastures Rd. to Brendan O’Brien and Alexandra Walsh for $2,345,000.


Nov. 10, Philip M. Packish and Kimberly Bowler sold 17 Tia Anna Ln. to Mary Beth Keane and Martin Hickey for $985,000.

Nov. 10, Gabriel Grasing sold a lot on Pennsylvania Ave. to Richard S. Dubin, trustee of Pennsylvania Avenue Realty Trust, for $145,000.

Nov. 13, James E. Haney sold 7 Pennacook Ave. to Kahina Van Dyke for $1,510,000.


Nov. 12, Cheryl J. Pinkham sold 15 Park Ave. to Glenn S. Pinkham and Kayla Pachico-Pinkham for $97,291.

Nov. 12, Suzanne O. Alberich sold 215 Hines Point Rd. to Douglas Scott McCollum and Karen McCollum for $2,165,000.

Nov. 13, Douglas R. Hoehn sold a lot on Greenwood Ave. to Jordan R. Hoehn for $100,000.

Nov. 13, Douglas R. Hoehn sold a lot on Greenwood Ave. to Corey D. Hoehn and Susan Lynn Hoehn for $100,000.

Nov. 13, Cuttyhunk Avenue LLC sold 169 Cuttyhunk Ave. to Ross D. Gillman and Nancy S. Gillman for $2,250,000.

Nov. 13, Amanda S. Dean sold 101 Memphremagog Ave. to Edwin H. Snider and Marina Greenstein for $1,575,000.


Nov. 9, Catherine V. Walthers and David P. Kelliher sold 1201 State Rd. to Douglas F. Best III, trustee of Douglas F. Best III Revocable Trust for $1,773,000.

Nov. 12, Carl J. Van Rooyen, executor of the estate of Daniel Van Rooyen, sold 259 State Rd. to Daniel H. Van Rooyen and Jenny K. Van Rooyen for $575,000.

Nov. 12, Lisa Crissman f/k/a Lisa Copenhaver sold 62 Naushon Rd. to Sixty Two Naushon LLC for $1,300,000.