Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 16 – 27, 2020



Nov. 19, Alan Slatas, a/k/a Alan P. Slatas, sold 7 Rose Meadow Way to Fredric B. Meyer and Irene Meyer for $2,700,000.

Nov. 20, Brendan Hanley and Claudine Hanley sold 2 Sandcastle Ln. to Peter L. Kosa and Sara F. Kosa for $1,675,000.


Nov. 18, George Sourati sold 7 Mill Brook Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $700,000.

Nov. 18, Ronald L. Monterosso, Trustee of Lot 21 Mill Brook Realty Trust, sold 11 Mill Brook Rd. to Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $600,000.

Nov. 23, Anne Luzzatto and Christina Berti, Personal Representatives of the estate of Gordon N. Litwin, a/k/a Gordon Litwin, sold 49 Wequobsque Rd. to Sean P. Gildea for $2,400,000.

Nov. 24, Azalea Real Estate LLC sold 1 Azalea Ln. to Adam B. Leff for $6,000,000.


Nov. 16, Facingwestventures LLC sold 87 West Tisbury Rd. to 87 West Tisbury Road LLC for $1,550,000.

Nov. 16, Julia Spiro sold 68 Winter St., Unit 4, to Mairead MacClarence for $620,000.

Nov. 16, Robert Loigman and Lynda Loigman sold 9 Cummings Way to Suzanne L. Conley, trustee of the Suzanne L. Conley Amended and Restated Revocable Trust, for $2,775,000.

Nov. 17, Katama Acquisitions sold 6 Southridge Rd. to Thomas J. Rapone, trustee of 6 Southridge Lane MV Realty Trust, for $495,000.

Nov. 18, Steven C. Ewing and Colin S. Ewing, trustees of Blowout Villa Realty Trust, sold 220 Upper Main St. to Facingwestventures LLC for $1,000,000.

Nov. 19, Craig A. Erickson, trustee of the Roberta Tilton Revocable Trust, sold 83 Watcha Path to Jennifer Chanlon and Thomas Chanlon for $480,000.

Nov. 19, Bonnie M. Parent sold 54 Clevelandtown Rd. to Michael A. Mingoleli Jr., trustee of 54 Clevelandtown Road Realty Trust, for $1,800,000.

Nov. 19, Anthony F. Novia and Maria M. Novia sold 16 Thaxter Ln. to Patricia Ramsay and Stanley Ramsay for $1,750,000.

Nov. 20, Todd Stirrup and Stephanie Stirrup sold 1 Acorn Cir. to Daniel Harris and Sylvia Harris for $582,500.

Nov. 20, Robert M. McCarron, Personal Representative under the will of Richard J. McCarron Jr., Erica L. Deforest, f/k/a Erica L. McCarron, and Kelly M. McCarron sold 14 Bold Meadow Ln. to Joseph Mirra and Deborah McKeown-Mirra for $950,501.

Nov. 23, Paul B. Polley and Chari B. Polley sold 59 School St. to Bret Furio and Dawn Furio for $6,245,000.

Nov. 24, Wei Hung Hui and Alice Hui sold 20 Thirteenth St. North to Marie Tran, Celine Copacino, and Jaro Raymond for $699,000.

Nov. 24, William M. Austin and Margaret L. Austin sold 7 Litchfield Rd. to Kenneth A. Topping and Patricia A. Topping for $2,900,000.

Nov. 24, Jeffrey Roche sold 59 Saddle Club Rd. to Albion A. Alley 3rd, trustee of 64 Hvoslef Way Realty Trust, for $800,000.

Nov. 25, Jessica C. Burnham, Personal Representative of the estate of Sherman F. Burnham, sold 49 Curtis Ln. for $777,000.

Nov. 25, Corner Block Holding LLC sold 19 Main St. to Charles C. Hajjar, trustee of BD MV Realty Trust for $5,720,000.

Nov. 25, Daniel S. Bettencourt and Timothy H. Bettencourt, Personal Representatives of the estate of Susan H. Bettencourt, sold 20 Whalers Walk to Gregory P. Bettencourt for $855,229.

Nov. 25, Corner Block Holdings LLC sold 5 North Water St. to Charles C. Hajjar, trustee of DB MV Realty Trust for $5,720,000.

Oak Bluffs

Nov. 16, Island Development Group LLC sold 5 John Wesley Ave. to Bennett L. Gaines and Linda D. Gaines for $1,275,000.

Nov. 16, Ruby M. Higgins sold 39 School St. to Bethany R. Elliott for $625,000.

Nov. 17, William G. Hillner and Paula A. Murphy-Hillner, trustees of the Hillner Family Nominee Trust, sold 60 Pinewood Ln. to William W. Windle and Sally Ann Windle for $1,150,000.

Nov. 17, J. William Heffernan sold 46 Kennebec Ave. to Nancy A. Fournier, William Richard Heffernan, and Jean H. Fleming a/k/a Jean Heffernan-Moynahan for $150,000.

Nov. 18, Jon C. Abeles and Barbara Abeles sold 10 Eastville Ave. to Blue Sage Getaways LLC for $1,100,000.

Nov. 19, Full Schilling Corp. sold 273 East Chop Drive to Gerret C. Conover for $1,450,000.

Nov. 20, 42 Waterview Road LLC sold 42 Waterview Rd. to Lawrence James Newman III and Anne Thrush Newman, trustees of Newman Vineyard Trust, for $975,000.

Nov. 20, Elizabeth Requena sold 7 Pasque Ave. to Joseph G. Moujabber for $846,000.

Nov. 20, Richard A. Paul sold 23 Hidden Cove Road to Andrew Peterson and Jennifer M. Peterson for $1,470,000.

Nov. 23, Craig Smith, trustee of Phillips Family Irrevocable Trust, sold 2 Pennacook Ave., Unit 201, to Karen A. Moore for $500,000.

Nov. 24, Gregory L. Keating and Cheryl A. Keating sold 26 Scotty Way to Kelly M. McCarron for $550,000.

Nov. 25, Gary Noble Shriver and Stacie Noble Shriver sold 7 Blueberry Path to Eric Vannoy for $1,775,000.


Nov. 16, Janine E. Thatcher Moreis sold 154 Causeway Rd. to Prudence Ann Magee and Carol Thatcher for $192,000.

Nov. 16, Jennifer E. Thompson, trustee of the Richard Thompson Revocable Living Trust, sold 56 Hatch Road to Adam Elsesser and Martha P. Siegel, trustees of the Siegel/Elsesser Revocable Trust, for $2,647,500.

Nov. 19, Ronald H. Tolin and Barsha A. Tolin, trustees of 47 Weaver Lane Realty Trust, sold a lot on Winyah Ln. to Michael Sawyer for $100,000.

Nov. 20, 83 Lake Street LLC sold 83 Lake St. to Axeandadze Group LLC for $895,000.

Nov. 20, Eve Chilton Martirano and Salvatore F. Martirano Jr. sold 771 Main St. to 771 Main street LLC for $12,865,000.

Nov. 24, Albion A. Alley III, individually and as trustee of 64 Hvoslef Way Realty Trust, sold 64 Hvoslef Way to Louis R. Paciello for $1,650,000.

Nov. 25, Candace A. Nichols sold 124 Skiff Ave., Unit G-10 and Unit 12, to Matthew J. Ternullo and James Ternullo for $430,000.

West Tisbury

Nov. 16, Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of the Edward S. Child 2000 Trust, and Henry T. Child, trustee of the Barbara C. Child Revocable Trust, sold 515 Lamberts Cove Rd. to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Commission for $400,000.

Nov. 16, Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of the Edward S. Child 2000 Trust and Henry T. Child, trustee of the Barbara C. Child Revocable Trust, sold 515 Lamberts Cove Rd. to Island Autism Group Inc. for $800,000.

Nov. 17, Cathleen P. Jasper, f/k/a Cathleen P. Vincent, sold 25 Vincent Rd. to Jessica Leigh Stone and Nicholas Lemay Brust for $1,700,000.

Nov. 19, David A. Kosse and Carol P. Kosse sold 5 Black Brook Crossing to Shahram Karimi-Geransayeh for $1,450,000.

Nov. 20, Richard Rowe and Jude Rowe, trustees of Rowe 2016 Revocable Trust, sold 26 Flint Hill Rd. to David Weagle and Linley Dolby for $770,270.

Nov. 23, Daniel J. White sold 154 Longview Road to Jason Gale for $300,000.

Nov. 24, James H. Paquette sold 43 Old County Road to Alexander W. Ben David for $1,100,000.

Nov. 23, Michael M. Stone, Susan E. Stone, a/k/a Susan M. Stone, sold 671 State Rd. to Susan Stone and Roger Levine, trustees of 671 State Road Nominee Trust, for $375,000.

Nov. 23, Jan Kaplan sold 27 Indian Pipe Ln. to Marvin Chase and Julia Blanter for $920,000.