An inaccurate portrayal


To the Editor:

In 10 years, I have never needed to emphatically rebut a Times article, but Friday’s article, titled “This was not a huge angry mob” (Jan. 8) is not just inaccurate, it’s dangerous. The “good guys” described by Mr. Gallas came with pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, and automatic weapons. They had zip ties for hostages, and a noose for Vice President Pence. This was sedition, insurrection, and mob violence that resulted in the deaths of five, including the murder of a Capitol Police officer. But don’t take it from me — someone who had to be barricaded in his office during the attack. Take it from the growing number of videos from that day that are now coming to light. The Times linked to one video from the event. But if readers are to take one video as a factual accounting of what transpired on one of the most infamous days in our country’s history, I suggest they compare it to this one I’ve linked to here:

Bill Keating
U.S. representative, Bourne