Tisbury: Reading and knitting

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Heard on Main Street: When I make a typo on my password, why doesn’t the computer correct that?

Why is it that when the air is colder outside, the heat inside seems not quite as warm as it should be? The thermometer thinks it is. And when the wind is blustery, I want a blanket as well as an extra sweater for warmth. And hot soup!

The West Tisbury Church has begun to serve winter meals. The 2021 community meals are available for pickup by reservation only. To join, complete the pre-reservation form for community suppers found on the West Tisbury First Congregational Church website. Meals will only be served by pre-reservation received by the Monday before. You can sign up for the month or the whole winter. You can also call 508 693-2842 for more information.

The Vineyard Library Association offers a group discussing classic books on Zoom, now working on “Jane Eyre.” Small groups meet Sundays, Mondays, or Tuesdays from 5 to 6 pm. Email Dee at dleopold@clamsnet.org to join.

You have to know that I am a big fan of our Vineyard Haven library. Not only do they keep finding such good new books to offer, they give us a chance to learn about them by email.

And when I am foolish enough to return an audiobook I haven’t finished, they scramble to be sure to get it back for me. Of course, we are getting spoiled with all their attempts to find books and events to brighten our days. I won’t argue because these days really do need brightening, and especially at this time of year. But I will also admit that I am very grateful for the amazing selection of events they find to keep us entertained — as we learn more about all sorts of things, many we hadn’t even thought to wonder about.

Our children’s librarian sends out a weekly email for families. You can sign up by an email to Emily at elapierre@clamsnet.org.

The Vineyard Haven Library Book Group meets online at 1:30 pm next Thursday, Jan 21, to discuss “Hillbilly Elegy” by J D Vance. I don’t know the book, but it does sound interesting.

Tomorrow’s knitting group at our library will Zoom with a representative of Firebird Yarns in San Francisco. Leigh Ann Parente will talk about the yarn making process at 2 pm — that’s Friday, Jan 15.

The Great Decisions program sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association will meet on Zoom this year. The eight sessions, every other week, begin Thursday, Feb. 4, at 6 pm. You must sign up with our library.

Heavens. February is already coming close. I am still forcing myself to put all the holiday lights, decorations, and such away. I keep finding a good reason to stop — you’d think I wanted to keep it up all year — or at least all winter.

I guess we will be lucky if we get our vaccinations by spring. The scary thing is some people will just stop wearing a mask after the shot believing they are all set. The odds are that will take a while even after all have been vaccinated. It is up to you to protect yourself, your family, and your neighbor.

It is a little scary to hear that some up-Island EMTs don’t want to get the shots. I wonder what percentage of these workers got flu shots?

Big bunches of birthday balloons go out today to Tyler Paulson. Wish the best on Sunday to Chuck Downing, or you could go fly a kite to celebrate as this is also Benjamin Franklin’s birthday. Happy birthday to Patti Linn on Tuesday.

Heard on Main Street: One minute you are young and fun. The next you’re turning down the car radio to see better.

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