Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 11 – 22, 2021



Jan. 11, Barbara P. Norfleet sold an undivided 1/20 interest in a lot on Oxcart Rd. to Reamer Mellin and Susan Mellin for $135,000.


Jan. 11, Barbara P. Norfleet sold 5 North Slope Ln. to Reimer Mellin and Susan Mellin for $1,450,000.


Jan. 11, Richard K. Pratt Jr., trustee of Puffbuttons Realty Trust, sold 62 Schoolhouse Rd. to Schoolhouse Road LLC for $1,580,000.

Jan. 12, Five Kitts Field LLC sold 5 Kitts Field Cir. to Patrick Robison and Cynthia M. Patton, trustees of the Patrick Robison and Cynthia Patton Trust, for $2,700,000.

Jan. 13, Matthew F. Rodenbaugh and Julie A. Rodenbaugh sold 41 Dodgers Hole Rd. to Kenneth T. Roache and Stephanie W. Roache for $918,500.

Jan. 13, Mark B. Galishoff sold 2 Martha’s Rd. to Christopher W. Liepman and Rachel Horan for $1,600,000.

Jan. 14, Ronald K. Chambers, trustee of Red Carpet Trust, sold 4 Chambers Way to William Capers, Jr. and Dana Capers for $425,000.

Jan. 15, Douglas C. Davies and Paulee M. Davies, trustees of Huckleberry Hill First Home Realty Trust sold 11 Huckleberry Hill Ln. to Megan Jean Varga, trustee of the Megan Jean Varga 2019 Trust, for $980,000.

Jan. 15, Linda T. Wang and Kenan E. Haver sold 7 Wood Duck Cir. for $950,000.

Jan. 19, Patricia L. Bennett and Dudley F. Bennett, trustees of the Bennett Family Trust, sold 12 Bennett Way to Zachary Townes and Sara Townes for $325,000.

Jan. 20, Richard G. Pawlak and Yvonne S. Yoneshige sold 42 Road to the Plains to Robert Harwood Stellwagen Jr. and Elizabeth Moreno Stellwagen, trustees of the Robert & Elizabeth Stellwagen Revocable Trust, for $1,300,000.

Jan. 21, Linda J. Richardson, Personal Representative of the estate of Emily S. Richardson, sold 18 Saddle Club Rd. to Brian Scall and Evan O’Connell Scall for $1,193,500.

Jan. 21, William C. Carpenter, Personal Representative of the estate of Mary Jane Carpenter, sold Willow Run to Alexander Chesney and Karen N. Chesney for $910,000.

Jan. 22, Anne Brogan and Patricia Nelson, trustees of the Meinhart Family 1991 Trust, sold 57, 59, and 66 Jernegan Pond Rd. to Martin Nager and Denise Shapiro for $995,000.

Jan. 22, Bruce Diruggiero, trustee of the Diruggiero Living Trust, sold 240 Upper Main St. to Orange Blossom Special LLC for $850,000.

Jan. 22, Delos W. Lander Jr. sold 7 Whalers Walk to Bruce Diruggiero, trustee of the Diruggiero Living Trust, for $870,000.


Jan. 22, Wheaton B. Wood, trustee of Bay View Trust, sold a one-quarter interest each in a lot on Bay View Dr. to William H. Tabor and Elise M. Fulstone, trustees of the William H. Tabor Trust, John Tabor, and Christopher B. Granger and Catharine Granger Zolkos for $700,000.

Multiple Towns 

Jan. 15, Joanne L. Bauer sold 21 Nashawena Terrace in Tisbury and 12 Cuttyhunk Ave. in West Tisbury to 21 Nashawena Terrace LLC for $1,810,000.

Oak Bluffs

Jan. 12, Rodney Firmin and David Ingram sold 29 Rogers Way to Earle E. Exum for $1,200,000.

Jan. 15, Heidi A. White sold 17 Bay View Ave. to Jamie Thomas and Brian Sheppard for $700,000.

Jan. 15, Douglas Coe sold 11 Lawrence Ave. to Robin V. Bagwell for $710,000.

Jan. 15, Shawn V. Austin and Jennifer Jones Austin sold 181 Circuit Ave. to Chante Butler for $712,500.

Jan. 15, John Reagan and Lisa Reagan sold 86 California Ave. to Jennifer Barkley Jones Austin and Shawn Victor Austin for $700,000.

Jan. 22, Linda M. Jackson, Personal Representative of the estate of Donna Davey, sold 38 Puritan Dr. to Wendy Gray for $715,000.


Jan. 11, John Clough, a.k.a. John W. Clough, Bradford P. Clough, Marston Clough, Elizabeth A. Clough, Personal Representatives of the estate of Anne Jane Clough, and Janet E. Morton, Stephen B. Vidmar, Richard L. Vidmar and David S. Vidmar sold 125 Main St. to Thomas C. Becker and Sarah E Becker for $1,350,000.

Jan. 14, Mark J. Campos, Personal Representative of the estate of Victoria Mae Campos, a.k.a Victoria D. Campos, for $300,000.

Jan. 15, Neil R. Brooks and Patricia R. Brooks, trustees of Greenwood Avenue Realty Trust, sold 233 Greenwood Ave. to Myapia Gero and Kym Gero-Burris for $268,000.

Jan. 15, Thomas H. Sayre, trustee of Wood Chips Cir. Realty Trust, sold a lot on Woodchips Circle to Andrew J. Phillips for $460,000.

Jan. 19, Genon Canal LLC and Mirant Canal LLC sold 200 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Rd. to Vineyard Reliability LLC for $500,000.

Jan. 20, Garrett Orazem sold Unit A-202, 31 Beach Rd., to Rodolfo Lugo Jewels USA LLC for $340,000.

Jan. 22, Anil Khosla sold 26 William St. to Daniel Marc Knittle and Miriam Ahmed Knittle, trustees of the DMKMAK Joint Living Trust, for $1,270,000.

West Tisbury

Jan. 19, Wendy O. Bray sold 21 Checamo Path to Matthew F. Rodenbaugh and Julie A. Rodenbaugh for $1,225,000.