Three vehicle crash in West Tisbury

A three-vehicle crash clogs the intersection at State Road, Panhandle Road and Scotsman's Bridge Lane. -Rich Saltzberg

Updated 3pm

Three vehicles were involved in a crash at the intersection of State Road, Panhandle Road, and Scotsman’s Bridge Lane in West Tisbury at around 11:30 am Monday.

There were two cars and a white pickup truck involved. Airbags appeared deployed in two of the three vehicles.

State Road is down to one lane, Scotsman’s Bridge was closed on the State Road end, and Panhandle remained open.

What appears to have happened, according to West Tisbury Police Sgt. Garrison Vieira, is a black Subaru failed to yield to a red Subaru and a collision ensued. The force of the crash carried the vehicles into a white pickup truck that was at a full stop at the intersection, Vieira said. The driver of the black Subaru was given a written warning for failure to yield, Vieira said. 

Nobody was transported from the scene and all motorists refused medical attention, according to Tri-Town Ambulance Chief Ben Retmier. 

In addition to West Tisbury Police, West Tisbury Fire/Rescue and Tri-Town Ambulance responded to the scene. 

Updated with details from first responders.