West Tisbury: First responders

— Kyra Steck

We had an early start to the day when Mike rushed down the stairs and out the door, heading to a smoke alarm call on Lambert’s Cove Road. It was a little past 6 am. By the time he returned home, Abby had gone out, she and the three cats and goldfish had all been fed, coffee was ready, and the woodstove was warming up the house.

Abby gets me up every morning at 5:45. She is as reliable as an alarm clock. She began her routine as a new puppy when I did set an alarm to have time to take her out, feed everyone, make coffee, watch a little news, take a shower, and leave the house in time to get to work by 8:30. I don’t like to rush in the morning.

So having Mike go out early was nothing unusual for us. If you don’t know a fireman/first responder, it may come as news to you that they go out at all hours of the day and night, weekdays, weekends, holidays. Smoke alarms, carbon dioxide alarms, fires, car accidents, water rescues, whatever comes over the pager. Sometimes they are called to assist EMTs and police, sometimes to clear a road during a bad storm. Whatever is needed.

Tony Bettencourt, who died this past week, was a fireman firmly in this tradition. He served as chief of the Edgartown Fire Department for more years than I remember. He was also an amazing gardener, generous with advice and suggestions and garden tours when I was a new bride beginning my first real garden. My condolences to his family, friends, and fellow firemen.

It’s been a beautiful week in West Tisbury. I have loved the snow that has stayed on the ground for days. Having at least a bit of new snow falling every day has kept it white and fresh-looking, a bright contrast with our lately returned blue skies and sunshine. Sunshine pouring through the house all day. A nice winter week.

More snow is predicted for next week. Will it stay cold enough to remain snow? Or will it turn warm and just be rainy?

The first of my snowdrops finally appeared, just in time to be buried. I’m not ready for spring yet, not ready for bulbs and color. I am still enjoying subtlety, maybe getting ready for a house project. Repainting our downstairs bathroom might be it. It’s been the same color for years, a very pretty gray-green that Mike and I still like, but a bathroom is small, and the change would be immediate.

Sue Hruby introduced me to benjaminmoore.com, a wonderful and addictive website. You can pick out a color you think you might like, then click on “see in a room,” and the color instantly appears in the picture. Bathrooms, living rooms, etc. It’s easy to spend too much time, but I suppose there are worse ways to while away an hour or so.

February 18 is Suzi and Bob Wasserman’s birthday. They found out about their mutual birthday on their first date and have continued celebrating together ever since. Happy birthday 2021, Suzi and Bob. Much love and many happy returns.

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