Edgartown: Vaccinations and schools

— Shelby Regan

Winter has come back to visit after some beautiful spring weather last week. But this is the time of year that I know it can’t hold tight with an iron fist. The sun and warmth will win out and soon enough we will have more beautiful days than cold days. Even on the cold days you can feel the warmth of that glorious sun. Morning sun cascades through my rather large bedroom window and this past Sunday morning I got up, walked the dog, made my coffee and went back to my sunny bed to read and relax in the sunshine. It was glorious. Once the light faded a bit, Foster McGee the Dog and I went to the beach, enjoyed more sunshine and warmth, mixed with a little wind, finding sea glass and good things to eat. I found the sea glass. He found the good things to eat.

Thank you to all the hospital staff, EMTs, Island Health Care, and anyone and everyone else who is working so hard to get the Island community tested and vaccinated. Everyone may not voice it, but everyone is most grateful for your efforts. Teachers have begun to get vaccinated over the last week and I know we are all grateful for the opportunity, especially with the new state requirement to be open full time in April. While our schools have been doing really great with sanitizing and washing hands and other safety protocols that have kept the numbers down, it’s important to remember that that requirement is statewide, not just Martha’s Vineyard. There are many schools that have not been as successful as our schools, and vaccinating teachers helps keep kids safe, as well as their families, and open schools help get people back to work. Mothers in particular have dropped out of the workforce in huge numbers this year to remain home with kids who are learning remotely. Returning to work or even continuing working from home but without kids home can only help the economy. Waiting and being patient for your turn to get vaccinated is super hard and there are certainly ways that this could have rolled out differently. We’re getting there. Remember that we are still all in this together, keep following the protocols, even if you’ve been vaccinated, and let’s continue to keep everyone safe until everyone is vaccinated.

On that same subject, kids in kindergarten through third grade in Edgartown have started back to school at 8:20 am as of this past Monday. We’ve been having a staggered start to help keep drop off from being too backed up, but now we’ve switched back to one start time, though dismissals for the two groups are still at different times, as we ease back into the full-time schedule.

Carole Early shared that people can drop off used ink jet printer cartridges at the Edgartown  library. Bring them into the foyer of the Edgartown library and drop them in the collection box sponsored by the League of Women Voters. You will help our Island by adding less non-compostable items to our town dumps, and you will help the League raise funds to continue their work. This is great news because we have become such a disposable society. Thank you to the League of Women Voters and the library for these efforts.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Jeff Majkowski and Juliet Mulinare on March 16, Renee Viera on March 17, Zach Townes on March 19, and Dan Townes on March 20.

I took some of my own advice this past weekend and went to the movies at the M.V. Film Center. We went to see “Land” and it was fabulous. Not only was the movie great but the Film Center was clean and spacious, with ample distancing. I felt 100 percent safe and can’t wait to go back. I encourage you to go. They have some great movies playing and it was so nice to feel like we were doing something “normal.” It was soul renewing.

Isn’t it glorious to see the flowers popping up and blooming? Crocuses and snowdrops abound and daffodils aren’t far behind. New life is showing up everywhere and there’s a lot of activity around, even some tourists wandering around. I hear that hotels are booking well for the upcoming season so summer may be insane this year, as people are desperate to travel but want to stay close at the same time. Maybe this is the year I go find a cabin by a lake in the middle of nowhere to enjoy tranquility. That won’t really happen but I can dream about it, right?

That’s all I’ve got, I’m afraid. Have a great week. Wear your mask, wash your hands, and continue to practice social distancing. We aren’t done with this yet but we are getting there. Have hope. Be brave. And be kind.

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